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Strategically sourced and negotiated contracts with suppliers while aligning purchasing strategy with business partners. Supervised team of 5 assistant buyers covering procurement and purchasing. Reported to Director of Purchasing, working closely with leadership on RFIs, RFPs, contract renewals, and new supplier initiatives.

  • Evaluated bid proposals, generating at least $5M in annual savings by negotiating offers and contract terms.
  • Developed and executed contract strategy, achieving 10% cost reduction goals year over year by selecting contracts for renewals and cancellations.
  • Generated spending reports and present them quarterly to VPs.
  • Interviewed, hired, and trained new buyers, with 2 receiving promotions within their 1st year.
  • Served as point of escalation for all purchasing and procurement issues, working directly with suppliers to quickly resolve delays and other conflicts.

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Purchasing manager


Supervised 20+ purchasing teams for sourcing inventory. Evaluated pricing and quality of products supplied by vendors and negotiated long and short-term contracts.

  • Trained purchasing agents to track budgets and evaluate supply vendors.
  • Maintained long-term working relationships with 10+ national and international vendors.
  • Determined size, cost, and weather conditions of shipping to estimate delivery timing.
  • Oversaw specifications of raw materials.
  • Utilized procurement software to record and manage purchase orders.
  • Interviewed and hired sales and purchasing assistants.
  • Implemented rules and regulations for working with supply vendors.
  • Researched marketplace for new items in industry to ship overseas.

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Purchasing agent


Oversaw purchases with overseas vendors and monitored deliveries to ensure timely deliveries. Scouted geographic regions for new potential suppliers and negotiated contracts for affordable shipments.

  • Reduced shipping costs by 30% through sustainable solutions.
  • Improved retention rates by 18%.
  • Enforced company policies and procedures.
  • Managed inventory through procurement software and spreadsheets.
  • Followed up on backorders.
  • Evaluated supplier performance and renewed contracts with overperforming suppliers.
  • Devised improved tracking systems to better monitor inventory.
  • Recorded and filed receipts.
  • Reported to management issues with shipping delays and lost and damaged shipments.
  • Trained, mentored, and supervised junior level purchasing agents.

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