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Warehouse associate

Entry level

Prepare and process shipments for multiple transit lines; pick, pull, and package merchandise. Maintain safety measures and operate forklift, pallet mover, swing-reach truck, and picker. Load and unload trucks, transport, stage, and store freight. Ensure accurate inventory counts using IMS (inventory management system).

  • Contributed to a process that brought shipping time down by two days.
  • Streamlined data entry process into IMS for 50% faster cycle counts.
  • Received recognition as Employee of the Month four times in one year for exemplary customer service.

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Warehouse manager


Manage the daily operations and reporting to senior management teams. Make recommendations that reduce costs and implement business efficiencies while managing strict schedules and deadlines. Organize and document workflows, SOP, and training materials to encourage safety and regulatory compliance.

  • Manage a 1M sq. ft. warehouse reception and distribution operation with merchandise valued at over $60M.
  • Coordinate between departments to achieve processing and customer service goals.
  • Lead a team of 3 supervisors, 5 coordinators, and up to 50 full- and part-time associates.

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Forklift operator


Make recommendations for improvements to supervisors. Operate heavy machinery including forklift, pallet mover, swing-reach truck, and picker. Follow manufacturing and organizational rules and guidelines on regulatory and safety compliance.

  • Prepared over 500 deliveries per week with precise staging and team collaboration.
  • Revised employee handbook to include new safety procedures that reduced safety incidents by 50%.
  • Improved environmental and legal compliance by initiating a start-up checklist completed prior to each shift.

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Truck dispatcher


Manage and coordinate drivers, vehicles, and routes to provide a responsive service to the company’s customers. Advised personnel about traffic and route issues, strategically deployed drivers and equipment to mitigate risk of over-scheduling. Liaise with drivers and maintenance to arrange use of spare vehicles.

  • Established accountability with a maintenance schedule that reduced emergency maintenance requests by 10%.
  • Implemented an employee recognition program that grew employee interest in productivity and efficiency practices without affecting safety.
  • Initialized weather and traffic briefings that saved the fleet from being stranded.

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Package handler

Entry level

Ensured all the shipment material remained intact and unaffected during the delivery, and all procedures were carried out to ensure compliance and quality maintenance.

  • Managed all the data and reports related to tasks performed and reported the shipment discrepancies to supervisors.
  • Operated heavy equipment by loading and uploading and obtained verified invoices and receipts.
  • Followed all the safety precautions set by the organization to avoid any damage.
  • Measured the package's weight, labeled and scanned daily, and maintained relevant record-keeping documents.
  • Followed organization's SOPs and collaborated with logistics team for smooth delivery of material, surpassing productivity targets for two consecutive years.

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Warehouse associate


Unload and load trucks, perform cycle counts, and utilize computer to track shipments and inventory. Document distribution workflow and ensure accurate, on-time project completion. Stage and arrange inventory for transit. Use IMS (inventory management system) to account for stocked inventory. Follow compliance guidelines with environmental health, safety, and corporate regulations.

  • Established a maintenance and cleaning policy that reduced prep time at the beginning of shifts by 30 minutes.
  • Contributed to the development of an employee recognition program that encouraged faster delivery and more accurate service.
  • Earned the Team Superstar Award for aligning team initiatives in morning sync meetings.

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Warehouse manager


Oversee the warehouse operations for an international distributor. Administer efficient operations for hiring, training, process improvement, and project management. Develop safety measures and protocols that reduce liabilities and hazards. Develop professional improvement programs that grow employee productivity and advance the corporate mission.

  • Manage a cross-functional team of 6 supervisors, 10 coordinators, and up to 100 full- and part-time associates within a $100M, 1.3M sq. ft. warehouse operation.
  • Led initiative to reduce the costs of moving containers by 20%.
  • Established the quality assurance (QA) department to eliminate 99% of defects before shipping.

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Forklift operator

Entry level

Pulled and arranged the goods for export, guaranteed that the correct kinds of commodities loaded to maintain accurate inventory records and reports that meet all OSHA and MSDS criteria.

  • Used a forklift, clamping truck, or other heavy machinery to reload or relocate inventory, stage goods, and supplies efficiently in the right regions.
  • Reported quality variations, helped with physical inventories, and kept the agency's products and machinery cleaned, and organized.
  • Performed daily equipment inspections and other activities as directed by management.
  • Maintained cleanliness and organized the facility's parts and equipment.
  • Maintained inventory by identifying and marking the products and supplies in stock.

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Truck dispatcher

Entry level

Worked for an auto parts company tracking delivery and pickup times.

  • Recorded and tracked dates and times for delivery and pickup of supplies.
  • Communicated via headset delivery routes and weather conditions to drivers.
  • Shelved, organized, and cleaned storage warehouse.
  • Labeled inventory according to instructions provided on work orders.
  • Contacted customers via email and phone call with updates on delivery issues for purchases.
  • Filed work orders and dispatched them to personnel.
  • Maintained a spreadsheet that included information on vehicles and drivers including license plates and driver’s license numbers.
  • Assisted drivers with loading packages.

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Package handler


Independently works to prepare a variety of packages for deliver. Uses machinery to lift larger packages. Collaborates with team member where necessary to improve operations, processes, or procedures. Interprets and follows guidelines on rules and regulations affecting safety and efficiency.

  • Identified a gap in processes and recommended a solution that saved 300 hours per year.
  • Implemented a new packaging method that prevented damages during deliveries.
  • Created a scheduling chart that led to rapid communication for easier leave tracking and shift scheduling, saving the scheduler 3 hours per week.

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