Logistics specialist

Logistics specialist
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Logistics specialist
Logistics specialist
Resume examples

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Director of logistics


Worked as part of a team for a large retail chain in overseeing daily operations for cost-effective solutions.

  • Developed and planned short and long-term goals to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Used precise management software that involved tracking and motoring of inventory and supplies.
  • Implemented and maintained efficient productivity strategies that reduced costs and waste.
  • Abided by ISO standards and requirements when handling company matters and responsibilities.
  • Recorded, filed, and archived inventory receipts.
  • Used cross-docking to transport stock and inventory.
  • Communicated with logistic departments in other stores for information on tracking and delivery of stock and inventory.

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Logistics specialist


Supervise transportation, maintenance, and delivery of supplies and equipment including vehicle parts critical to customer operations. Coordinate with international vendors, suppliers, and recipients to ensure profitability for the company.

  • Oversee up to 50 employees including 2 managers and collaborate with senior management team to conceive and implement operations improvements.
  • Trained all new staff on mandatory regulations and required state, federal, and other training.
  • Manage labor relations with unionized employees and resolve or escalate issues as needed to ensure safe, ethical operations.

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Logistics manager


Plan, direct, and coordinate all facets of the domestic and international logistics and supply chain operations for a successful parts manufacturer. Enhance productivity and profitability through continuous process improvements and by monitoring performances through IDP – Individual development plans.

  • Developed and implemented supplier metrics to improve quality output, fill rate, and on-time delivery by 30% each.
  • Proposed capital expenditures for new equipment that saved $2M in operating costs annually through increased productivity, efficiency, and quality.
  • Saved $4M in operating costs annually by implementing streamlined procedures.

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Logistics coordinator


Strategically plan inventory management and logistics strategies incorporating modern digital tools, systems, technologies, and processes to drive company-wide growth. Lead operations for warehousing, inventory control, freight spend, packaging sourcing, shipping, and receiving. Maintain stella customer and vendor relations for smooth, efficient operations impact.

  • Direct 40 salary and 300 hourly material team members with performance management responsibility.
  • Optimized inventory by reducing domestic inventory by 10% and overall inventory by 2% to focus on a universal part that replaced others.
  • Reduced safety incident rate by 60% with a strategic push for greater safety controls and accountability among employees.

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Director of logistics


Direct warehouse operations across the region, ensuring proper forecasting and budget execution of operating budgets and capital expenditures. Implement continuous improvements to maximize productivity of the department. Conduct program management reviews, utilizing management systems and other tools for cost reporting and variance analysis.

  • Created a global parts database that improved materials management and cost estimating by 12%.
  • Overhauled the order process with a new front-end interface, leading to 50% improved delivery schedule and lead times.
  • Designed a comprehensive data management system and resource library that helped develop complex technical documentation with up-to-date items and pricing.

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Logistics specialist

Entry level

Supervised the workflow of the warehouse and logistics department, including managing ten employees, and generated quarterly reviews on performance.

  • Fulfilled 40+ orders daily while communicating with related customers, warehouses, and distribution parties.
  • Entered and monitored all the shipment data in the proper ERP system.
  • Conducted site visits, researched, and interviewed various stakeholders to improve operational procedures.
  • Managed inventory and supply levels in warehouse storage and performed all logistics operations related to packing, routing, shipment, distribution, and transportation.
  • Managed and created transaction receipts and documents related to inventory supply and demand and performed reconciliation of data every month.

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Logistics manager


Oversee logistics and serve as liaison to various departments to ensure swift, inbound inventory operations. Streamline operations processes and negotiate with vendors and suppliers to secure the best deal for the company.

  • Lead a team of 5 buyers and inventory planners and up to 15 additional logistics personnel in administering import and export activities.
  • Direct all shipments and inventory control processes and procedures for 20 warehouses across the region.
  • Create initiatives that improve operational capacity, quality of products, and relationships with vendors and suppliers.

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Logistics coordinator

Entry level

Assisted the company's logistics department in creating cost-effective product transportation and distribution procedures.

  • Ensured logistics quality standards, performance safety measures, and warehouse management activities were established for all inbound and outbound operational activities.
  • Implemented and rigged an accurate material flow management system for the timely management of production orders.
  • Managed logistics and warehouse professionals, forecasters' teams, and supply chain managers to ensure productivity, efficiency, and cost reduction.
  • Evaluated logistics proposals related to production volumes, shipping routes, and inventory storage and analyzed their financial impact on decision-making.
  • Coordinated with sales, management, finance, and marketing departments to integrate logistics changes with all business units. 
  • Ensured logistics compliance for product distribution was allied with operating policies and procedures.

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Director of logistics


Worked as a team member in a limited liability company for tracking and managing productivity. 

  • Developed strategies for meeting deadlines in producing and delivering goods.
  • Applied a Lean Production System to improve employee effectiveness and boost employee morale.
  • Collaborated with 3PL startups for maintaining fulfillment operations.
  • Arranged and scheduled meetings for discussing ideas on how to improve workflow and budget streamlining.
  • Established work standards and evaluated employee job performances.
  • Created and outlined charts and graphs that illustrated growth and decline on employee and company efficiency.
  • Used logistics software to optimize schedules for shipments ad deliveries.

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Logistics specialist


Assisted and collaborated with the logistics department to manage a worldwide range of projects related to equipment and supplies.

  • Handled and supervised cross-border shipments and ensured the due diligence related to authorization and compliance inventory.
  • Developed an innovative and highly efficient routing system for inventory with the help of cross-functional teams.
  • Ensured the contractual and governmental regulatory obligations in transportation, distribution, and operational procedures.
  • Monitored and managed prompt and errorless dispatching, tracking, and shipment processes for equipment transportation. 
  • Liaised between various teams and organizations to ensure transportation standards were met.
  • Trained logistics team according to tracking trends and streamlined operational procedures.
  • Collaborated with higher management and created strategical reports on operational changes.

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