Delivery driver

Delivery driver
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Delivery driver
Delivery driver
Resume examples

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Experience level

Delivery driver


Polite and prompt with a commitment to provide customers with an excellent experience and work safety. Adheres to assigned routes, on-time deliveries, safety procedures, and transportation laws. Demonstrates exceptional communication and organizational, interpersonal, and problem-solving abilities.

  • Communicated with company dispatchers and drivers to plan delivery routes throughout the day to increase shipping efficiency.
  • Provided exceptional customer service, answered questions, and handled customer complaints.
  • Inspected delivery vehicles to ensure the safety and security of the loading and unloading process.
  • Ensured orders were fulfilled, facilitated customer inquiries, and maintained detailed records of interactions colleagues and customers.
  • Recommended continuous feedback to management to improve delivery processes and productivity.

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Delivery driver

Entry level

Coordinate and execute deliveries. Plan routes and transportation logistics in coordination with dispatchers and logistics managers. Inspect and maintain vehicles, notifying maintenance teams of any issues or resolving issues on-site. Ensure safety and regulatory compliance at all times.

  • Ensure accuracy and quality of incoming and outgoing shipments.
  • Solve issues on the road and mitigate risks with preventive inspections of vehicles.
  • Load and deliver daily shipments or long-haul shipments across multiple states.
  • Manage relationships with customers to assess quality and complete deliveries.

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Delivery driver


Load and deliver large daily shipments to commercial and residential customers in the local area. Process and track shipments, delivery, and truck maintenance using digital inventory and fleet management tools.

  • Accurately and efficiently deliver complete quantities of materials to the customer with 0% loss rate.
  • Resolve emergent issues or escalate customer service inquiries to the appropriate authority as necessary.
  • Plan and schedule routes for maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • Earned Trucker of the Year Award for most deliveries with highest service ratings in a year.

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Delivery driver

Entry level

Checked inventory, loaded packages, and safely delivered a variety of materials to recipients while abiding by traffic laws and ordinances. Ensured customer inquiries were adequately handled upon delivery by directing the customer to the proper channels.

  • Maintained a detailed log of deliveries to ensure compliance with company, state, and federal ordinances and regulations.
  • Reviewed orders before and after deliveries ensuring shipments were correct and complete, and charges were accurate.
  • Demonstrated exceptional hand-eye coordination in all performance reviews and real-time road situations.
  • Picked up and transported packages within local regions in an urban setting while adhering to traffic and parking laws.
  • Prepared delivery reports and other documents including vehicle performance, damages, per diem, and hospitality expenses.

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Delivery driver


Maintain routes with on-time delivery, every time. Plan and schedule complex routes with large-scale deliveries. Ensure accurate scanning and organization of materials, properly maintained vehicle, and excellent record of customer service.

  • Operate a 26-foot-tall box truck daily and other large trucks or trailers as needed.
  • Train and mentor new staff members, assisting in ride-along rides and partnering with new drivers for CDL training.
  • Make up to 20 deliveries per day driving and familiar with over 12 routes.
  • Developed two custom routes to maximize delivery strategy and cut costs, saving over $1,000 and 10 hours per month.

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