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Truck driver


Operate a large flatbed truck and dump truck to deliver materials locally. Anticipate risks and mitigate issues with quick problem solving and frequent, accurate, proactive inspections. Maintain the vehicle and work with maintenance crews to ensure proper working order of vehicles. Assist with load and unload as needed.

  • Track and maintain accurate inventory records and driving logs for 100% accountability.
  • Detect and eliminate safety hazards during transportation.
  • Created a digital check-in tool that helped track maintenance needs over the life of the fleet vehicle, lengthening its service period.

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Truck dispatcher


Manage and coordinate drivers, vehicles, and routes to provide a responsive service to the company’s customers. Advised personnel about traffic and route issues, strategically deployed drivers and equipment to mitigate risk of over-scheduling. Liaise with drivers and maintenance to arrange use of spare vehicles.

  • Established accountability with a maintenance schedule that reduced emergency maintenance requests by 10%.
  • Implemented an employee recognition program that grew employee interest in productivity and efficiency practices without affecting safety.
  • Initialized weather and traffic briefings that saved the fleet from being stranded.

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Fleet manager


Performed fleet manager duties for an express package delivery service.

  • Maintained a budget for purchasing vehicles used for delivering packages to companies and individuals.
  • Used GPS tracking to locate and monitor vehicle usage.
  • Interviewed, hired, and fired vehicle operators.
  • Supervised, trained, and mentored employees.
  • Scheduled weekly vehicle inspections, maintenance, and repair checks.
  • Kept communication open by regularly responding to emails and sending out announcements regarding vehicle availability.
  • Registered company vehicles under a fleet insurance plan.
  • Analyzed vehicle equipment systems to determine the most effective methods for vehicle maintenance.
  • Partnered with a local vehicle repair shop for discounted service.

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Truck driver


Operate and maintain a tractor-trailer across 14 regional states. Ideate solutions to issues on the go. Log and report mechanical or delivery issues. Establish relationships with clients and dispatchers for smooth operations during weather events or in anticipation of other risks.

  • Ensured compliance with safety and delivery guidelines, CDL licensure rules, and state and federal transportation logistics regulations.
  • Inspected vehicle like clockwork and logged areas of concern, leading to the fleet’s only truck that has never been damaged or out of commission for repairs.
  • Ensured customer loyalty to secure competitive market share for the company.

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Truck dispatcher

Entry level

Worked for an auto parts company tracking delivery and pickup times.

  • Recorded and tracked dates and times for delivery and pickup of supplies.
  • Communicated via headset delivery routes and weather conditions to drivers.
  • Shelved, organized, and cleaned storage warehouse.
  • Labeled inventory according to instructions provided on work orders.
  • Contacted customers via email and phone call with updates on delivery issues for purchases.
  • Filed work orders and dispatched them to personnel.
  • Maintained a spreadsheet that included information on vehicles and drivers including license plates and driver’s license numbers.
  • Assisted drivers with loading packages.

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Fleet manager


Monitored and tracked vehicles for a limousine service.

  • Installed GPS tracking devices in vehicles to ensure they were operated responsibly.
  • Processed and maintained insurance records for the preventative maintenance and repairs of vehicles.
  • Corresponded with and formed professional relationships with companies and individuals that regularly rented out vehicles.
  • Kept and updated paperwork files on drivers licensed to operate vehicles.
  • Established work schedules and methods for providing regular vehicle maintenance including external and internal sanitation, oil checks, and gas procurement.
  • Collaborated with contract mechanics hired by service to repair vehicles on an as-needed basis.
  • Reported to the Vice President of Operations.

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Truck driver

Entry level

Operate and maintain a tractor-trailer hauling many tons of material. Log and report mechanical or delivery issues. Resolve issues on the road and by making swift, confident decisions. Establish relationships with clients and dispatchers for smooth operational sailing during weather events or anticipating other risks.

  • Plan travel routes in accordance with traffic and delivery guidelines for bulk cargo deliveries.
  • Preserve quality and integrity of freight for delivery on-time and within safety parameters.
  • Coordinated materials handling and delivery with other truck drivers and operators.
  • Established relationships with clients for a close bond of trust and loyalty to using our services.

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Truck dispatcher


Manage dispatch of drivers, equipment, and crews across multiple sites. Maximize resources by managing vehicle schedules, emergent needs of the company, and communications. Maintain mileage records and information databases on fuel usage, repair needs, and other expenses.

  • Simplified the expense tracking sheet for faster, more accurate tracking and reporting to senior managers.
  • Established a maintenance schedule for the fleet that led to greater accountability and fewer maintenance issues.
  • Resolved driver issues including communications errors and requests for information.
  • Created an accountability sheet that eliminated double-work situations.

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Fleet manager


Worked as a fleet manager for a construction company.

  • Regularly scheduled vehicle inspections and maintenance, including safety and hazard checks.
  • Partnered with an insurance company to cover the repair costs on vehicles.
  • Supervised the operation of construction vehicles to ensure they are not misused.
  • Created a budget for acquiring, registering, and licensing various construction vehicles.
  • Researched vehicle brands to decide which brands offered the most sustainability for the lowest cost.
  • Trained, supervised, and issued licenses to vehicle operators.
  • Ordered auto parts for vehicles that experienced damage.
  • Complied with the laws and regulations of the U.S. Department of Transport.

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Truck driver


Established relationships with managers and dispatchers and played an integral role in revising shipping routes for the company to cut travel costs and improve delivery times. Demonstrated history working with maintenance mechanics to ensure safe and cost-efficient driving vehicles were deployed.

  • Updated job knowledge by participating in various trainings, established and maintained professional networks.
  • Conducted basic truck maintenance in compliance with safe work practices, policies and processes.
  • Picked up goods and materials, verified loads, and delivered them as instructed across state lines on time and damage free.
  • Joined and participated and various professional truck driving organizations to stay up-to-date with best practices.
  • Utilized pallet jack and forklift to load and unload shipments in compliance with safety standards.

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