Machine operator

Machine operator
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Machine operator
Machine operator
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Machine operator


Managed operation and control of automated equipment and peripheral hardware reviewing production schedules, process procedures, specification, and performing sequential start-up. Conducted automated equipment set-up functions including loading of electronic components, raw cards, feeders, fixtures, stencils, and chemicals.

  • Monitored the shelf-life usage of perishable chemicals, raw card assemblies, and production quality for the automated equipment and peripheral hardware.
  • Recorded data required for statistical process control for inventory management.
  • Performed sequential shutdown including the cleaning of the automated equipment or peripheral hardware.

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CNC machinist


Determined and set controls to direct machining factors like part speed, feed, coolant stream, depth, point of cut & clipping strategies, and programmed activity of CNC machines running parts for the precise and accurate product.

  • Maintained logs, records, and documents and finished important desk work.
  • Identified machine issues and changed machines to ensure timely completion of work.
  • Checked completed workpieces to guarantee conformance to details, utilizing instruments, formats, and installations.
  • Utilized precision instruments like dial markers and micrometers to explore errors.
  • Consulted with control engineers to check and guarantee the proper working of CNC machines.
  • Operated hand tools, including grinders, shapers, and lathes.

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