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Experience level


Entry level

Portrayed a professional attitude and demonstrated great verbal, written, and interpersonal skills, while working on a variety of projects on residential and commercial sites. Established strong working relationships with team members and sought every opportunity to learn and grow on-the-job skills.

  • Installed wood-based structures including frames, joists, partitions, rafters, and studs for cabinets, shelves, and furniture.
  • Remodeled a variety of wood structures under the direction of the head carpenter and craft instructions.
  • Assigned to take inventory of parts and materials used on worksites to ensure quality and quantity for productivity.
  • Maintained a clean and safe workspace and reported possible health and safety risks to the immediate site supervisor.
  • Troubleshot problems with the equipment, tools, and wood structures to ensure they functioned properly.

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Entry level

Utilized craftsmanship and creativity to expertly build numerous structures for live events, including auto shows, award shows, business openings, and trade shows for various brands and organizations. Safely operated numerous woodworking machines and equipment, as well as a variety of power tools.

  • Built, repaired, and maintained stages, podiums, cabinets, countertops, shelves, and partition walls according to our client's specific needs and requirements.
  • Attached parts and subassemblies together to form completed units of various sizes using clamps, dowels, nails, and screws.
  • Collaborated with subcontractors and in-house team to complete projects on time and within budget, while ensuring all structures were up to code and safety standards.
  • Took great care to fully comprehend and incorporate all labor and logistical challenges to build structures that could be easily transported and set up.
  • Assisted electricians, engineers, HVAC technicians, and plumbers to troubleshoot and service structures and equipment.

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Entry level

Demonstrated timely assessment of head carpenter’s expectations and took a hands-on approach to clarify responsibilities and resolve issues efficiently. Refurbished work areas to restore order to chaos and improve worker safety. Wrote detailed work logs and delivered them daily to the supervisor.

  • Worked to build and repair wooden structures including single and multi-family homes, apartments, and commercial buildings.
  • Assisted construction foreman with the material selecting and sourcing processes that included keeping accurate reports.
  • Took and reported measurements for the senior-level carpenter and made adjustments as directed.
  • Followed technical instructions, interpreted the head carpenter’s technical terms and blueprints, and discerned the quality of materials and parts.
  • Assigned to test finished products for defects and reported results to crew members and the foreman.

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