Automation tester

Automation tester
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Automation tester
Automation tester
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Automation tester


Understood software requirements, including architecture and test boundaries, and performed testing of all specifications and features developed by software development teams while writing automation scripts and analyzing test results. 

  • Designed and developed automation test scripts.
  • Conducted performance and user acceptance tests for software component testing.
  • Handled cost-effective software delivery within described timelines. 
  • Created technical documentation, manuals, and guidelines for clients.
  • Participated as a valuable team member in the SDLC & STLC processes.
  • Analyzed and maintained software products for modification and reuse.
  • Planned and organized meetings for software quality and performance assurance. 
  • Managed software life cycle process using the best practices.

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Automation tester


Executed manual and automated software testing for areas related to installation, functional performance, integration, and regression. Managed defects within the company’s tracking system, and documented and maintained process improvements regarding best practices and test automation.

  • Identified and debugged technical issues during the development and validation phases of project implementation.
  • Participated in the software development lifecycle, including research, modification, security, issue correction, and maintenance.
  • Built a packaged early-stage strategic testing plan and trained employees to utilize the system to run pre-tests and report issues.
  • Sourced and secured a third-party service provider to test large-scale OS software interfacing with hardware automation subsystem.
  • Created technical documentation of the software products and solutions, resulting in decreased testing times by 28%.

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Automation tester

Entry level

Tasked with solving complex problems by drawing on technical expertise, industry precedents, and professional judgment. Created, maintained, and evaluated software automation test scripts as directed by supervisors and trained others regarding test concepts, and provided guidance as necessary.

  • Coordinated and prioritized the company’s test development activities while working with multiple software development teams.
  • Interfaced with internal teams on utilization cases to develop comprehensive test requirements and instituted processes utilizing Python, Robot, and Pabot.
  • Tested and debugged pre-released production software for defects and made corrections to meet the company’s requirements.
  • Documented software defects using the company’s issue management tools and worked with the application team to resolve errors.
  • Interacted with customers to solve various issues they face and implement changes to ensure software delivers the intended results.

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