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Construction manager
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Construction manager
Construction manager
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Construction project manager


Oversaw several high-profile construction projects from inception to completion. Facilitated several roles: Project Manager, Project Superintendent, Project Engineer, and Lead Assistant Superintendent. Maintained positive relationships with Clients, Architects, Engineers, and other project stakeholders to facilitate pre-construction, construction, and post-construction activities. Collaborated with superintendents daily about project and subcontractor progress. Evaluated subcontractor’s bids, negotiated and prepared subcontractor agreements.

  • Managed $90 M of 200,000 SF Commercial Building and $50 M Elementary School of 100,000 SF.
  • Reviewed invoices and payment requests against open contracts, purchase orders and prepare monthly pay applications.
  • Directed all field personnel to achieve completion of the project on schedule, within budget, with superior workmanship that conformed to original plans and specifications.
  • Maintained construction paperwork by processing submittals, updated construction drawings with RFIs, ASIs, and PRs, and ensured subcontractors had the latest information.

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Construction manager


Served as a liaison between the strategic relationship, commercial teams, and contractors, as well as all internal organizations on any technical questions about the project.

  • Assured that the building project was completed on time and under budget.
  • Scheduled hot-taps, connectors, and breakdowns.
  • Planned long- and short-term activities and materials for yearly programs.
  • Interacted with architecture, marketing, and project planning to offer valuable assistance for many initiatives of different sizes.
  • Allocated machinery and resources to the customer and subcontractors to meet deadlines.
  • Organized and conducted fabrication production at local supermarkets.
  • Demanded, quickly, and efficiently fixed concerns.

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Construction superintendent


Maintained production security, reliability, and erosion prevention while completing tasks and keeping on schedule.

  • Cooperated with different, regional, and federal authorities on climate change and permissions.
  • Monitored frac removals, bridge installations, withdrawal points, and frac roads as they related to frac activities and demands.
  • Examined and constructed ponds for different sizes, productivity, and aesthetics.
  • Inspected appropriate repairs and enhancements to renovate buildings.
  • Assisted local officials in making the most of block grant resources for housing unit development.
  • Monitored the bidding and approval of eligible vendors to carry out infrastructure projects on a range of initiatives.

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