Theatre director

Theatre director
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Theatre director
Theatre director
Resume examples

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Theatre resume examples
Experience level

Theatre director


Ensured complete and ongoing adherence to established 4-week production schedule for complex project with 4-month theatre run. Managed directorial and promotional tasks as project lead.

  • Assembled production team.
  • Partnered with production and acting teams to outline theatre production plan.
  • Drafted design directives, visual cues, and suggestions for stage decorations.
  • Led rehearsals to ensure complete preparation for opening night and subsequent performances.

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Theatre director


Dynamic role requiring oversight of all facets of theatre productions from script development to budget management and relations management with various strategic partners to sponsor productions.

  • Liaised with writers and playwrights through script development schemes to adapt newly written scripts.
  • Research and break down scripts to analyze and explore the content and develop rehearsal strategies.
  • Leverage communication skills and leadership skills to lead production meetings, manage rehearsals, maintain working relationships with all parties involved – actors, creative team, production team, set designers, etc.
  • Attend preview performances and perp detailed notes for the cast and the creative and production teams.

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Theatre director

Entry level

Comanaged rehearsals for onstage comedy performance, ensuring actor preparation and collaboration. Partnered with senior director to establish and maintain production design.

  • Created nightly schedules for use by acting and production teams.
  • Collaborated with managing director to set onstage blocking and spacing expectations.
  • Directed actors during rehearsals, providing feedback and suggestions for improvement or alteration as needed.
  • Leveraged cross-functional collaboration with production crew to ensure maximum efficiency and preparation prior to first performance.

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