Stage manager

Stage manager
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Stage manager
Stage manager
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Experience level

Stage manager


Directed all events during production including proper placing of actors, sound effects, lighting, and props. Responsible for coordinating stage crew, running rehearsals, and overseeing performances.

  • Stage managed 7 productions with crews and casts of over 40 persons.
  • Volunteer fundraiser, Jacksonville Playhouse, Raised over $130,000.
  • Organized performance stage schedules to create event sequence.
  • Trained incoming stage manager and assisted in creating a manual to train new managers.

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Stage manager


Initiated and oversaw all facets of theatrical productions and directed communications for production team. Arranged meetings on a bi-weekly basis. Responsible for creating a budget and producing required financial statements following the event.

  • Able to increase attendance from 75 to 1,250 in 18 months by employing existing budgets more efficiently and delivering more well-received shows.
  • Managed crews and cast of 90 to 140 theatre and musical professionals.
  • Developed new strategies in collaboration with executive partners to achieve long-term business goals.
  • Refined time-management skills by creating schedules that allowed 13 plays to be performed during a three-day event.

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Stage manager

Entry level

Coordinated and oversaw stage-produced fundraising event that raised $20K+ in 2-month timeframe. Utilized proactive strategic planning and delegation skills to ensure maximum efficiency.

  • Developed onstage guidelines and production schedules.
  • Facilitated phone banking and outreach efforts.
  • Coordinated talent performances and onstage sets.
  • Worked with stage managers to ensure maximum capability to host event audiences of up to 1K live participants.

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