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Research scientist
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Research scientist
Research scientist
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Research assistant

Entry level

Coordinated 4 unique case studies on campus, each with 50+ student participants, to define and assess various campus activities and student body tendencies. Collaborated with professors to run interactive and hands-on group studies.

  • Formed and presented topic ideas for various research initiatives over the course of undergraduate career.
  • Defined hypothesis, study groups, variable elements, and expectations for each approved case study.
  • Created and distributed polls, interview questions, and surveys to attract study participants and gather preliminary data.
  • Led group studies and coordinated research tasks including presentations, Q&A’s, and interviews.
  • Gathered, assessed, and correlated data for each study into tailored presentations.

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Research scientist


Worked with a variety of individuals in need of being presented with research data.  Verified that data provided by companies, groups, and individuals is accurate, comprehensible, and up to date.

  • Formulated and created confidential survey questionnaires for college students for the purpose on gathering information on drinking and drug use on campus.
  • Organized focus groups for conducting research on dating, relationship, and marriage trends.
  • Worked in congruence with an advertising firm to propose methods on appealing to customers in the millennial demographic.
  • Prepared, presented, and disseminated results to clients in the form of Excel spreadsheets and Word files.
  • Published academic papers to be retrieved from electronic databases.

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Research assistant


Provided scientific technical support for medical professionals. Maintained standards of intellectual honesty in formulating conducting, presenting, and reviewing research.

  • Trained and supervised 20+ undergraduate and graduate students in medical program and mentored 5 lab assistants.
  • Published and presented research findings in medical related fields at conferences around the world.
  • Investigated methods to alleviate symptoms in patients being treated for lymphoma.
  • Peer reviewed journals and discussed research and writing improvements and suggestions to students in graduate school program.
  • Applied for grants and funding for research on how cancer cells react to a variety of hormones.

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Research scientist


Performed research and data collection duties for university in the geology department.  Prepared presentations and slideshows featuring collective research for professors to use in their curriculum.

  • Mentored undergraduate and graduate students by leading them in teams of 4 for collecting rare crystals and analyzing their attributes.
  • Wrote up documentation and reports on findings related to the preservation of minerals in the Earth’s crust.
  • Proofread and edited dissertations and theses written by PhD candidates.
  • Complied with the guidelines set for conducting ethical and principled research.
  • Kept a record of laboratory inventory and stocked up on the most up-to-date equipment when necessary.
  • Followed university standards in maintaining a clean and safe working environment.

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Research assistant


Provided information for consultants regarding financial trends and predictions. Was part of a team of 12 for a research project involving stress reducing strategies for money managers.

  • Worked under the supervision of head researcher for consulting firm.
  • Followed the necessary protocols and guidelines in forming and establishing research queries.
  • Collected data and kept a data log for archival purposes.
  • Planned strategies to find and collect data to be interpreted and analyzed.
  • Drew up graphs, filled out spreadsheets, and created presentation slides for the presentation of results.
  • Obtained a certificate in quantitative analysis.

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Research scientist


Provided proven and thoroughly researched medical solutions for a hospice looking to decrease joint pains in elderly patients.

  • Wrote and edited peer reviewed journals covering the causes and symptoms for muscle and bone loss and analyzed and criticized current medical treatments.
  • Collaborated with medical professionals in determining the most effective medications and physical therapy practices for elderly and disabled patients.
  • Performed a study on and surveyed younger adults to predict the likelihood that one would develop health conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis at a later age.
  • Followed the five principles of ethical research when conducting experiments.

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Research assistant


Worked with insurance company in determining the best rates via research from past claims for assisting individuals affected by carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Designed and developed a website for conducting multiple choice surveys on the quality of healthcare and insurance.
  • Researched and proposed new approaches for finding data and implementing it.
  • Attended staff meetings and recorded minutes logged.
  • Collaborated with coworkers on a project for improving upon the affordability of health insurance.
  • Reviewed, evaluated, and labeled documents that contained data for accuracy purposes.
  • Performed follow-ups with insurance agents to ensure data isn’t missing or inaccurately documented.

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Research assistant


Increased university research center website traffic by 70% by creating and integrating ArcGIS StoryMap. Leveraged relationship management skills to complete project.

  • Collaborated with multiple universities to inform research center management.
  • Assisted with field protocol design operations.
  • Compiled, drafted, and prepared relevant reports.
  • Collected onsite data to strategize StoryMap formation.

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