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Lab technician
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Lab technician
Lab technician
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Lab technician

Entry level

Worked in a developmental laboratory conducting a variety of tests and experiments to be used in ensuring the safety and functionality of construction equipment.

  • Maintained an accurate account of results and findings for testing and research purposes.
  • Tested and calibrated lab equipment on a regular basis to ensure proper functioning.
  • Recorded stock and inventory of items purchased for development laboratory.
  • Assisted in creating concepts and blueprints for products intended for the construction industry.
  • Cleaned and sanitized working spaces of development lab and followed the guidelines maintained by the Health and Safety Executive.
  • Obtained certification with the American Medical Technologists (AMT).

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Lab assistant

Entry level

Assisted doctors and nurses in tracking and organizing samples to be tested for contamination and impurity.

  • Kept records of patients’ medications.
  • Followed policies enforced by hospital regarding confidentiality and ethics.
  • Labeled and stored blood and urine samples in refrigerated temperatures.
  • Used centrifugal filter units to prevent bacteria from accumulating in samples.
  • Collaborated with lab technicians on creating an efficient storage system for handling infected samples.
  • Gathered and summarized data from test results and relayed the information to lab managers.
  • Obtained Clinical Lab Assistant (CLA) certification from the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science.
  • Passed ASCP Board of Certification exam.

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Lab manager


Worked in a highly regarded EPA setting, keeping records on the preservation of ecologically damaged regions.

  • Supervised a staff of 50+ assistants and technicians.
  • Wrote and updated a 30-page guide on the health and safety protocols regarding the handling of lab equipment and potentially flammable and hazardous substances.
  • Maintained a large, sanitized, and well-equipped facility.
  • Ordered and upgraded lab inventory as necessary.
  • Enforced daily procedures regarding the use and lending of lab equipment.
  • Conducted valuable research on the causes of degradation in wetlands.
  • Awarded for Leadership Excellence for delivering accurate test results and creating effective safety programs.

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Lab technician


Worked in both biological and chemical laboratories analyzing and preserving specimens and reactive substances.

  • Supervised and trained 30 lab assistants in handling fragile equipment and following health policies and procedures.
  • Completed numerous tests in determining the acidity of natural resources.
  • Conducted tests in a rural region near a chemical plant to determine the amount of pollution found in the atmosphere.
  • Kept a file of more than 700 chemical compounds and mixtures for testing and archival purposes.
  • Oversaw annual lab inspections and maintained working spaces to assure that laboratory did not violate any Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

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Lab assistant

Entry level

Assisted scientists with collecting and storing samples used in tests and experiments. Tracked progress on experiments and recorded findings in database.

  • Labeled and stored chemical samples in refrigeration unit.
  • Proofread journal articles.
  • Cleaned and sanitized workspaces and equipment following the safety rules guidelines.
  • Prepared laboratory spaces by taking out the correct equipment and manuals for scientists to use.
  • Logged daily minutiae of discussions and experiments for record keeping purposes.
  • Reported to managers any broken equipment or incidents such as chemical spills and injuries from improper use of materials.
  • Checked scientific reports for errors and made corrections.

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Lab manager

Entry level

Oversaw the utilization of laboratory tools and equipment and taught lab users how to correctly handle hazardous and fragile substances. Performed research and conducted experiments. Maintained accounts of results and findings.

  • Recorded stock and inventory of lab equipment and materials and ordered upgrades when necessary.
  • Cleaned and sterilized lab tables and tools after extended use.
  • Composed how-to guides for students and assistants to read and follow.
  • Enforced rules and regulations for using and lending lab equipment.
  • Tested results from experiments for validity and accuracy.
  • Scheduled time slots for students to perform laboratory work.

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Lab technician


Managed inventory by procuring adequate laboratory supplies. Assembled a wide range of collected samples for the final selection for either storage or examination. Maintained clean working stations and equipment by observing high hygiene standards.

  • Controlled quality in the production line by preparing test solutions and conducting various tests on raw materials to ensure they met the company’s standards.
  • Optimized test accuracy by ensuring the suitable concentration or potency of all test solutions.
  • Strengthened compliance with all regulations through routine in-process or final stage inspections for quality, chemical composition, etc.

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Lab assistant


Performed experiments and tests in a chemical laboratory. Assisted research scientists with writing, reviewing, and editing journal articles for publication in scientific journals.

  • Tracked laboratory inventory by purchasing and replacing new and broken equipment.
  • Collected and processed specimens and chemical samples to be studied in research experiments.
  • Disposed hazardous materials following the protocols issued by laboratory manager.
  • Supervised students working in lab and instructed them on the proper use of lab equipment.
  • Kept detailed records of findings and discoveries from conducting experiments.
  • Organized and maintained laboratory by cleaning and storing equipment following documented rules and guidelines.

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Lab manager


Managed the daily operations of a university lab and pharmaceutical lab. Kept records of experiments performed and the processes executed to obtain test results.

  • Checked and tested lab equipment for breakages and malfunctioning.
  • Oversaw lab inspections following the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • Supervised, mentored, and trained laboratory assistants and technicians.
  • Handled hazardous, flammable, and toxic specimens using protective gear.
  • Researched and wrote academic articles for scientific publications and peer-reviewed journal articles for colleagues.
  • Devised new and improved methods for performing lab tests.
  • Maintained and updated database for tracking lab experiments.

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Lab technician


Developed and implemented policies and procedures that enhanced testing of a wide range of lab samples. Utilized the lab notebook and an online database to capture all the tests performed and facilitate the generation of accurate lab and investigation reports.

  • Revitalized the laboratory management function by instituting frameworks that governed equipment usage and maintenance, inventory control, sample collection, waste disposal, etc. 
  • Worked closely with cross-functional teams in quality assurance, production, maintenance, and research and development, providing them with test-driven analysis and recommendations.

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