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Experience level



Worked as a consultant for addressing environmental solutions in a biotech firm.  Wrote reports and proposals for COO of the quality department.

  • Served on research team that developed new methods for conducting research on the causes of tree deterioration.
  • Ran experiments on groundwater in urban, suburban, and rural areas to determine what leads to contamination and sludge in sewer systems.
  • Cleaned and sanitized lab equipment by following the correct procedures for maintenance.
  • Performed sampling assessments on soil and air.
  • Presented findings on climate change to federal agencies.
  • Investigated the causes of sulfuric infiltration in home water supplies.

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Worked in an oceanic setting observing marine life and developing solutions to ensure their quality of life and survival.

  • Gathered and analyzed data on sea turtles and their dietary and reproduction habits.
  • Part of a team of 10 stationed on a Pacific Island to observe the feeding and mating rituals of great white sharks.
  • Maintained and preserved equipment used in observations and experiments involving marine life.
  • Studied the habits of sea lions and collected data for a detailed report on the ethical treatment of sea lions in captivity.
  • Mentored and guided students in marine biology program.

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Entry level

Performed research, documented findings, and published results in academic journals for biological studies. Created and collaborated in projects involving survival of plants and animals.

  • Worked with team in field investigations for restoration of wetlands.
  • Processed, analyzed, and maintained research databases.
  • Assessed weather conditions and the effects on the environment.
  • Complied with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) when conducting tests and experiments involving plants and wildlife.
  • Maintained a clean, sanitized, and organized workspace for conducting experiments.
  • Documented the reproductive and behavioral habits of plant and animal life.
  • Evaluated reports written by team members and offered constructive feedback.

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Worked in sanctuaries, zoos, and habitats evaluating the conditions of the environments for which wildlife reside and ensuring that they are maintained for cleanliness and repletion. 

  • Collaborated with conservation personnel in developing programs to educate and inform the public on protecting rare and endangered species.
  • Participated in field work for tracking and observing wildlife, including at least 20 different species of birds, big cats, reptiles, apes, and bovines.
  • Wrote and published academic articles revolving around matters of conservation and preservation of endangered species.
  • Ensured that assistants follow the guidelines for observation of and interaction with wild species.
  • Evaluated and studied commercial regions that have affected the survival rate of wildlife.

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