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Experience level


Entry level

Assisted the senior chemist with process authentication by conducting exhaustive analytical tests. Maintained accurate records of laboratory activities using logbooks. Operated, calibrated, and maintained various laboratory equipment and appliances. Implemented the set validation procedures for raw materials.

  • Leveraged a wide range of lab equipment, including analytical balance, pH-meters, titrators, HPLC, UV-Vis, etc., in performing accurate tests in line with the lab’s SOPs.
  • Consistently exhibited a strong grasp of the company’s health and safety guidelines, maintaining a less than 0.5% incident occurrence probability.

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Performed chemical testing and reports for a building and manufacturing companies on how to create longer lasting structures and materials.

  • Organized teams for performing corrosion tests on vehicles including cars, motorcycles, and semi-trucks.
  • Created spreadsheets and extensive documentation on the various chemical compounds and their effects on building materials.
  • Observed the reaction rates of weather on steel used to construct high-rise buildings.
  • Engineered a flask for ease of use in collecting gas samples.
  • Ordered stock and inventory on laboratory equipment and maintained a sanitized and hazard-free working space.
  • Presented data to organizations affiliated with vehicle and architecture preservation and restoration.

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Worked in corporate laboratories improving upon the products and practices used to maintain a cleaner and more respirable environment.

  • Evaluated chemical and physical properties of pollutants, such as benzene and dioxin to determine how to prevent damage to atmosphere near a paper mill.
  • Developed, researched, and established successful methods and strategies to prevent paper mill pollution from harming local community.
  • Published 30+ academic articles on findings in air pollution prevention strategies and solutions.
  • Prepared chemical solvents for use in processing materials, following experimental procedures.
  • Ordered and purchased lab equipment for testing purposes.
  • Collaborated with colleagues on preparing findings and reports for scientists to present to companies.

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Performed medication development and creation for pharmaceutical company.  Led a team of 12 in developing a pill to alleviate the symptoms of mouth ulcers.

  • Drafted reports on research from developing new medications for treating illnesses and injuries.
  • Calibrated, maintained, and tested laboratory equipment.
  • Tested the effects of medication on lab mice.
  • Analyzed findings on reactions to a variety of medications and reported the data to the FDA and IFPMA.
  • Wrote and edited peer reviewed articles and kept up-to-date with the latest developments from pharmaceutical networks around the world.
  • Assessed current FDA approved drugs on the market and tested their viability.

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