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Project engineer
Project engineer
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Experience level

Project engineer


Executed cutting-edge technology projects from the design phase through commissioning through evaluating, defining & managing battery storage opportunities while overseeing engineering activities to ensure projects are completed on time.

  • Identified gaps in project scope and recommended solutions for successful completion of large-scale utility projects through applying Electrical/Power Systems knowledge and engineering, construction, and permitting concepts.
  • Reviewed single line drawings, communication wiring diagrams, and BESS system layouts.
  • Effectively communicated with key stakeholders and provided innovative solutions to cross-functional teams while taking complete ownership of the project.
  • Established open lines of communication with internal customers (project managers, product engineers, sales team) and external customers (utilities, AHJs, contractors, end customers).

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Project engineer

Entry level

Immersive role requiring attention to detail and technical savvy to coordinate project schedules to meet defined objectives.

  • Assisted seasoned project engineers to evaluate and define project objectives and develop work schedules to ensure the seamless execution of projects.
  • Participated in meetings with clients to discuss their goals, and interpret their vision and requirements into executable project plans.
  • Assisted superiors in monitoring work processes to ensure compliance with established policies and standards.
  • Worked to draft detailed reports on every stage of engineering projects progress.

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Project engineer


Multifaceted role encompassing client relations and project management functions in support of a fast-paced and highly technical environment.

  • Participated in client meetings to discuss project technicalities, define strategies and establish common goals in order to develop a comprehensive approach to project execution.
  • Worked with a team to evaluate projects to develop comprehensive work schedules and financial estimations for projects.
  • Drafted routine technical reports and closely monitor project progress to identify and address risks, update timelines and project changes.
  • Ensured the timely completion of projects by closely monitoring progress and routinely reviewing work process with teams to allow for process optimizations and adjustments to targets.

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Project engineer


Multifaceted role requiring client relations, project management and leadership expertise to facilitate a fast-paced organization and drive high-profile projects to successful completion.

  • Utilized project management expertise to oversee the seamless execution of a $5 million project for ACME group of companies, resulting in the successful construction of 50 new sites.
  • Managed client and supplier relations to coordinate project budgets and timelines.
  • Monitored and updated KPI dashboard to keep all parties in alignment with project goals.
  • Led client meetings to discuss project technicalities, financial projections and keep communication lines open with all key stakeholders.

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