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Civil engineering

Civil engineer

Entry level

Demanding internship position requiring critical reasoning and active learning skills to keep-up within fast-paced work environments.

  • Provided assistance to senior engineers on developing designs and technical solutions for public infrastructures.
  • Researched and handled cost-estimations, and developed detailed reports on project progress.
  • Developed critical skills in drawing up and analyzing blueprints, maps and building plans.
  • Performed ad hoc responsibilities as delegated by supervisors to develop essential skills.

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Civil engineer


Oversaw water and wastewater treatment projects while leading a team of engineers, designers, and technicians. Planned, designed, and performed construction, bidding, and rehabilitation of municipal water and wastewater pumping systems and treatment plants including modeling, pipelines, lift stations, and treatment facilities.

  • Oversaw hydraulic models, process calculations, and project reports collaborating with clients, consultants, regulatory agencies, and members of the public.
  • Ensured and enforced adherence to proper procedures and protocol.
  • Identified and analyzed the principal design features and major design alternatives that satisfy the project’s purpose.

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Electrical engineering

Electrical engineer


Engineered and planned electrical power systems for multiple buildings and facilities projects including hospitals, light rail, laboratories, high-rise offices, educational facilities, and other commercial and institutional projects.

  • Designed specification of power and control systems, system layouts, load calculations, equipment sizing, and selection, performed calculations of lighting systems and associated controls for assigned projects.
  • Supported in prioritizing engineering project team labor to meet multiple moving deadlines and track project budgets.
  • Partnered with code officials, contractors, architects, and stakeholders.
  • Worked with project teams and participated in budgeting and scheduling.

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Electrical engineer

Entry level

Introductory position offering hands-on experience in installing and maintaining electrical systems and equipment.

  • Accompanied senior electrical engineers to inspect all electrical systems within buildings to ensure efficient and proper functioning.
  • Contributed to the seamless execution of team projects by efficiently performing delegate tasks and responsibilities.
  • Continuously researched and updated knowledge on latest technology in electrical engineering systems and products.
  • Monitored, maintained and updated office inventories to streamline the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment.

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Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineer


Designed and developed cutting-edge high speed, ultra-high-scale automated manufacturing equipment collaborating with cross-functional teams to test, validate, and roll out production.

  • Designed machine concepts for custom-designed special purpose equipment and systems.
  • Created and reviewed machine designs including machine layouts and assembly drawings.
  • Corroborated equipment designs and redesigned systems to meet specifications.
  • Optimized designs consulting with contract manufacturers.

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Mechanical engineer

Entry level

Immersive role requiring attention to detail and technical savvy to support technical production processes.

  • Drafted reports on technical processes, along with detailed instruction for over 30 products.
  • Utilized relations and communication skills to liaise with vendors, customer and colleagues.
  • Maintained an organized database of information on individual products encompassing prototyping, technical evaluations and modifications, etc.
  • Executed ad hoc responsibilities as directed by superiors.

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Manufacturing engineering

Quality engineer


Built world-class manufacturing teams at the factory while implementing processes and best practices as well as identifying and mitigating risks to engineer high-quality products. Instrumented manufacturing requirements, quality standards, and product quality plan to ensure products meets the expectations of target customers. Improved field quality through effective investigations.

  • Created PFMEAs, control plans, and test/inspection guidelines to identify and eliminate risks associated with products and processes.
  • Led cross-functional problem-solving teams to drive process and product improvements and facilitated issue resolution including root cause investigations and development, implementation, and validation of effective corrective and preventive actions.
  • Supported validation of new products and new production lines.
  • Collaborated with internal supply chain and external suppliers to drive continual improvement of supplier quality.
  • Managed control of non-conforming products and developed disposition guidelines.
  • Drove production operations to achieve both production and quality KPIs.

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Automation engineer

Entry level

Collaborated with 5 department managers in analyzing systems and processes to identify and resolve various inefficiencies through automation. Automated multiple functions, including several assembly line sections, quality control, and data analytics.

  • Achieved full automation of the quality assurance function, maintaining the probability of product defects at less than 0.5%.
  • Fixed assembly inconsistencies through strategic process automation, achieving cost savings of up to 30% and amplifying efficiency by over 40%.
  • Facilitated informed decision-making by generating real-time and accurate data on the efficiency of various processes.

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Objectives and summaries

Summary examples

Civil engineering

Achievement oriented civil engineer offering a remarkable career taking on and successfully delivering on increasingly challenging projects. Exceptional at building and leading specialized teams that apply engineering principles and innovative solutions to deliver projects according to clients’ specifications.

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Electrical engineering

Solutions-oriented and technical-minded professional with a history of success in facilitating complex electrical engineering projects. Adept at executing diagnostic assessments on electrical components to run maintenance and repair of complex engineering machineries.

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Mechanical engineering

Technical and analytical Mechanical Engineer offering practiced skills in product research, design and project management. With a record of success in evaluating and streamlining processes to minimize bottlenecks and increase production and industrial output.

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Manufacturing engineering

Industrious quality engineer offering over 8 years of experience in maintaining high quality standards in fast-paced production environments. Consistently reduce risk margins and ensure quality compliance by conducting meticulous quality assessments and audits whilst maintaining detailed records on production reports and project progress.

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Objective examples

Civil engineering

Result oriented civil engineer offering a focused ability to evaluating and developing innovative solutions to engineering problems. Looking to secure a challenging position within a reputable construction company that offers access to bigger and intriguing projects.

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Electrical engineering

Ambitious and technical-minded electrical engineering graduate, with hands-on experience in troubleshooting and resolving electrical problems. Seeking a position provides an opportunity to grow.

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Mechanical engineering

Performance-driven mechanical engineer offering established skills in technical research, component development, simulation and valuation. Seeking a challenging position that maximizes skillset and allows for further career growth.

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Manufacturing engineering

Detail and quality oriented professional, dedicated to ensuring the production of products free of defects by meticulously testing and auditing productions processes. Improved quality procedures and trained new staff on policies to ensure the safety of final products. Looking to optimize quality procedures at an ethical organization that allows for career growth.

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