Civil engineer

Civil engineer
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Civil engineer
Civil engineer
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5Civil engineer resume examples found

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Civil engineering resume examples
Experience level

Civil engineer

Entry level

Demanding internship position requiring critical reasoning and active learning skills to keep-up within fast-paced work environments.

  • Provided assistance to senior engineers on developing designs and technical solutions for public infrastructures.
  • Researched and handled cost-estimations, and developed detailed reports on project progress.
  • Developed critical skills in drawing up and analyzing blueprints, maps and building plans.
  • Performed ad hoc responsibilities as delegated by supervisors to develop essential skills.

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Civil engineer


Oversaw water and wastewater treatment projects while leading a team of engineers, designers, and technicians. Planned, designed, and performed construction, bidding, and rehabilitation of municipal water and wastewater pumping systems and treatment plants including modeling, pipelines, lift stations, and treatment facilities.

  • Oversaw hydraulic models, process calculations, and project reports collaborating with clients, consultants, regulatory agencies, and members of the public.
  • Ensured and enforced adherence to proper procedures and protocol.
  • Identified and analyzed the principal design features and major design alternatives that satisfy the project’s purpose.

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Civil engineer


Oversaw large multi-million-dollar Construction public works and commercial projects while supervising technicians, survey crews, and materials testing technicians. Inspected construction activities to ensure compliance with contract specifications.

  • Created high-grade civil engineering projects including construction document drawings, specifications, narratives, and calculations.
  • Communicated frequently with contractors and design engineers while resolving and preventing site-specific problems.
  • Designed roadway, grading, pavements, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, domestic and fire water main systems, erosion, sediment control, and traffic plans.

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Civil engineer


Specialized position encompassing relations, project management and infrastructure design functions in support of a reputable construction company to deliver on high-end civil projects.

  • Worked collaboratively with technical professionals to developed innovative integrated digital and civil infrastructural designs for private and public clients.
  • Led intake meetings with clients to discuss their visions and project specifications whilst also delivering routine progress reports to all stakeholders.
  • Drew up detailed project plans according to clients’ specifications, whilst ensuring compliance with all quality and procedural standards.
  • Recruited and coordinated both internal and external contractors to work on specific projects.

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Civil engineer


Dynamic role requiring critical thinking and project management skills to drive construction workflows in an individual and collaborative capacity.

  • Undertook complex construction projects and oversaw all phases of public and private infrastructure development.
  • Discussed project goals with clients to develop work plans, cost estimates and financial projections that ensure the seamless execution of duties.
  • Drafted, reviewed and submitted NOCs for government approvals on projects.
  • Successfully completed all undertaken projects within time and budget constraints by implementing project management methodologies and coordinating project teams.

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