Independent contractor

Independent contractor
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Independent contractor
Independent contractor
Resume examples

3Independent contractor resume examples found

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Contractor resume examples
Experience level

Independent contractor


Managed multiple home repair, maintenance, and remodeling projects. Supervised and guided subcontractors on proper handling and maintenance of equipment, ensuring safety procedures, company’s policy, state, and federal regulations are followed at all times.

  • Read blueprints and construction documents while managing construction schedule and monitoring inventory.
  • Delivered high-quality remodeling projects by effectively collaborating with construct managers, builders, electricians, plumbers, and architects.
  • Ensured projects are completed as per company standards on time and within budget.
  • Installed custom options by accurately pricing and coding invoices.
  • Scheduled and tracked subcontractors' work time to process payroll.
  • Updated and documented all maintenance issues and project progress to the Construction Manager daily.

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Independent contractor


Complex, multifaceted role requiring practiced project management and cross-functional collaboration expertise to work as an independent contractor on several big construction projects.

  • Liaised with project leads and clients to define creative visions and project goals to develop strategic execution plans.
  • Compiled and evaluated project requirements and schematics to develop accurate estimates on project costs and timeline.
  • Leveraged an extensive network of vendors to source, negotiate and secure materials required for independent projects.
  • Effectively handled equipment onsite to ensure the seamless execution of duties as well as the safety of other workers present.

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Independent contractor

Entry level

Undertook several home renovation and confined construction projects within the Gotham City area.

  • Drove over 20 small scale home renovation projects from inception to successful completion.
  • Maintained a satisfied client base by leveraging relations and project management skills to liaise with clients to outline project visions and develop scopes to meet them within budget.
  • Evaluated project goals and requirements to draft cost estimates for the approval of clients.
  • Recruited subcontractors for specific components that contribute to the success of project.

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