Flight attendant

Flight attendant
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Flight attendant
Flight attendant
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Experience level

Flight attendant

Entry level

Greeted passengers while assisting passengers with seating ensuring all carry-on luggage and personal items are properly stowed in overhead or under-seat storage. Immediately responded to in-flight emergencies assisting passengers including administering emergency first aid and completing reports on any injuries/incidents complying with all FAA regulations, company safety, and security guidelines.

  • Provided instruction on safety- and emergency procedures by demonstrating the proper use of seatbelts, oxygen masks, and flotation devices.
  • Delivered in-flight food and beverage services, while managing all cash/credit transactions.
  • Participated in pre-flight briefings to discuss flight details, weather, and service plans.
  • Prepared aircraft between flights, ensuring cabin areas meet cleanliness standards.
  • Ensured food, beverages, and other supplies are on board and sufficiently stocked.

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