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Film production resume examples
Experience level



Creative role requiring continuous growth and sophistication in filming techniques and overall production management to keep up with a rapidly evolving industry.

  • Develop creative concepts for projects and draw up plausible budgets to support small productions.
  • Leverage project management and time management skills to streamline production schedules resulting in a significant cut in costs and time exhausted.
  • Successfully bring creative vision to life by developing scripts and curating talents and professionals to work in front and behind the screen.
  • Execute small to mid-sized productions and edit over 60 hours of footage with top video editing software.
  • Collaborate with other in-house production staff to foster creative ideation, promote organizational ideas and new technologies.

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Entry level

Cocreated and submitted independent short film to win 1st place in countywide independent film competition. Leveraged cross-functional collaboration skills to meet production and delivery deadlines.

  • Worked with fellow film director to strategize shooting schedules.
  • Provided final determination in casting meetings and interviews.
  • Supervised script design and revisions.
  • Coordinated marketing efforts and delivery to film competition for review.

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Entry level

Managed all aspects to production process for film project. Coordinated with crew and staff teams to develop and maintain project schedule.

  • Oversaw screenwriting and storyboarding operations.
  • Supervised camera control and shot coordination during production shoots.
  • Worked with editing team to assess and complete edits and revisions within tight timeframe.
  • Maintained communications with creative team to ensure smooth launch and audience presentations.

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