Film director

Film director
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Film director
Film director
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Film production resume examples
Experience level

Film director


Multifaceted role requiring both technical and creative skills in support of rapidly evolving work environments to swiftly adapt and provide direction to staff.

  • Successfully execute creative vision within time and budget constraints by employing collaborative and project management skills to work with industry professionals like screenwriters, producers, videographers, etc.
  • Complete projects on time and achieve a seamless workflow by liaising with the producer to develop and manage shooting schedules of over 35+ cast and crew based on the scripts.
  • Scout and choose locations for shoots, set up individual scenes and manage camera work to capture the correct details that harmonize and accentuate creative vision.
  • Coach and direct actors to achieve the best performance that brings the creative vision to life.

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Film director

Entry level

Delivered social media video content on-time and $3K under budget. Leveraged cross-functional collaboration and team leadership to meet design, production, filming, and editing goals.

  • Liaised with client to understand project parameters.
  • Led production team meetings to strategize production schedule, crew roles, and daily expectations.
  • Directed onscreen performances by 2 commercial actors, providing feedback and adjustment notes as needed.
  • Maintained production budget and partnered with producer to categorize necessary set and production expenses to facilitate efficient spending.

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Film director

Entry level

Partnered with producers to conduct actor auditions. Supported hiring operations for main cast of 6 actors and supporting cast of 10+ professionals.

  • Collaborated with producers to outline role requirements and visionary direction.
  • Co-conducted auditions over 2-week timeframe.
  • Conversed with prospective actors and provided additional context, project information, and audition prompts.
  • Worked with producers to make final hiring decisions.

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