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Film production
Film production
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Commended for portraying a wide range of emotions using body movements, posture, facial expressions, calm speech, gestures and the likes. Utilized social media to communicate with fans of ongoing work to maximize attendance.

  • Researched and developed method of memorizing scripts to memorize all lines verbatim.
  • Participated in cast group meetings and dress rehearsals before filming start.
  • Provided help to the crew during casting calls to assist in the selection of suitable workers that will be on set.
  • Represented the cast at press interviews and events as the star actor.

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Creative role requiring continuous growth and sophistication in filming techniques and overall production management to keep up with a rapidly evolving industry.

  • Develop creative concepts for projects and draw up plausible budgets to support small productions.
  • Leverage project management and time management skills to streamline production schedules resulting in a significant cut in costs and time exhausted.
  • Successfully bring creative vision to life by developing scripts and curating talents and professionals to work in front and behind the screen.
  • Execute small to mid-sized productions and edit over 60 hours of footage with top video editing software.
  • Collaborate with other in-house production staff to foster creative ideation, promote organizational ideas and new technologies.

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Film director


Multifaceted role requiring both technical and creative skills in support of rapidly evolving work environments to swiftly adapt and provide direction to staff.

  • Successfully execute creative vision within time and budget constraints by employing collaborative and project management skills to work with industry professionals like screenwriters, producers, videographers, etc.
  • Complete projects on time and achieve a seamless workflow by liaising with the producer to develop and manage shooting schedules of over 35+ cast and crew based on the scripts.
  • Scout and choose locations for shoots, set up individual scenes and manage camera work to capture the correct details that harmonize and accentuate creative vision.
  • Coach and direct actors to achieve the best performance that brings the creative vision to life.

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Collaborative role facilitated by communication and relations skills to co-ordinate all aspects of lighting, filming and sound design by working closely with industry professionals to achieve the best result.

  • Develop strategic filming plans by analyzing screenplay before hand to develop an understanding of the requirements.
  • Collaborate with industry professionals like the Principal director and director of photography to establish priorities and define creative goals.
  • Employ technical skills to operate a range of digital and analog cinema cameras while leading a team of camera operators and lighting crew members.
  • Scout locations and provide on-set direction to production crew to achieve artistic innovation.

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Attained supporting roles in films Westside Story and The Courier and television shows Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond. Grew talent agency’s client list after booking work in four high-profile commercial campaigns.

  • Received good reviews from Variety magazine for portrayal of character Dan in Zero Dark Thirty.
  • This review enabled me to be cast as Hobar in film Allied.
  • For Seaworld Parks & Entertainment in Orlando, FL, delivered exceptional service as an actor in 2-4 shows daily, performing in a parade in various character costumes.
  • Contributed to increasing Chase’s market share by 2 percent after modeling in multiple photoshoots for 2020 multimedia ad campaign.

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Portrayed a variety of male characters through the use of emotion, language, and movement. Ensured performances stipulated by the director’s instructions and writer’s scripts and those variations were agreed upon ahead of time by the production staff.

Theatrical Performances

  • Hamlet - Rosencratz - Pasadena Acting Group, LLC (dir. Adam Stevens)
  • Death of a Salesman - Bernard - Crystal Theatre Company (dir. Allison Blanco)
  • The Crucible - John Proctor - Cornerstone Theater Company (dir. Clay Storey)
  • Looking for the Hustle - Clayborne - The Robey Theatre Company (dir. Alice Blythe)
  • The Glass Menagerie - Jim O’Connor- Los Angeles Theatre Academy (dir. Bryce Kline)

Television Series

  • Salem - Extra - Director, Stephen Robin
  • The Mentalist - Supporting - Director, Adam Long
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm - Extra - Director, David Michaels
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm - Supporting - Director, Adam Michael Wright
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi - Extra - Director, Louis Simpson

Television Commercials

  • AT&T - Shopper - Family Savings Plans, Unlimited Data
  • Bank of America - Bank Teller - Services and Fees, Transparency Campaign
  • Walmart - Shopper - Best Prices, Best Value Throughout the U.S.
  • State Farm Insurance - Customer - Emergency / Unexpected Home Repairs
  • Rocket Mortgage - Customer - Growing Family / Need a Home Loan    

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