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Event manager
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Event manager
Event manager
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Event manager

Entry level

Worked closely with clients, which consisted mainly of acquaintances and their referrals, to develop a clear image of their vision and devise strategic plans to achieve them.

  • Defined formal working relationships with local service providers to ensure professionalism and the delivery of components required for the complete and seamless execution of events.
  • Developed a reputation for excellence in accurately translation of client’s visions into achievable and tangible plans.
  • Successfully scaled my small business and increased customer loyalty by maintaining impeccable service standers.
  • Developed comprehensive budget reports for clients, ensuring to sources the best prices and quality for services.

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Event manager


Worked with a variety of clients from various industries to conceptualize and execute events that serve different purposes, from promotional events to private events and galas.

  • Conceptualize and produce innovative art exhibitions for hotel art show including theme selection, securing talent and providing service to hotel resulting in successful at capacity art with over 500+ in attendance.
  • Published author of 4 articles on Trendland, delivering retrospect on artist photography and works to broaden reader's perspective and offering creative insight.
  • Manage and coordinate all aspects of the event acting as primary liaison between 8 artists and hotel, manage activities of 4 employees resulting in positive reviews.
  • Coordinate framing of the exhibition, creating visually appealing display to captivate the audience and increase interest in the subject, oversee all public relations for event including creating the press release to engage multiple public audiences.

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Event manager


Coordinated interdepartmental and functional relations with client’s internal teams to ensure the successful execution of a variety of events for clients.

  • Lead client meetings to define project goals and discussed strategic plans/special elements to ensure the success of each event.
  • Managed communication channels to synchronize workflows within different departments and ensured the seamless execution of events plans.
  • Leveraged an extensive network of industry contacts to ensure the events have the appropriate amount of exposure and media coverage to achieve the desired effect.
  • Lead and trained event staff to achieve maintain a standardized service delivery to guests.

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Event manager


Lead a thriving events management company to greater heights by leveraging expert networking skills to broaden client base and negotiation skills to negotiate favorable contract terms with venors.

  • Conceptualized innovative approaches/themes to clients’ events encompassing music, catering, venue etc. to deliver novel experiences to guests.
  • Leveraged an extensive network of contacts within the media, cultivated to extensive years of work experience, to manage all event’s coverage and exposure within the media.
  • Discovered and trained talented event managers who currently handle multiple high-profile clients’ accounts.
  • Negotiated complex and exclusive contacts with vendors and service suppliers to ensure a distinguished atmosphere at every event our company manages.

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