Event coordinator

Event coordinator
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Event coordinator
Event coordinator
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Event coordinator


Efficiently planned and directed corporate and private events including weddings, meetings, birthday parties, Christmas events, Mitzvahs, and Quinceaneras for multiple clients ranging in size from 15 to 750. Organized and directed over 12 events per month in cities in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Fully responsible for managing over $3 million in corporate events that included entertainment, airport transportation, stage and lighting set, décor, and restaurant buyouts.
  • Responsibilities included maintaining and updating insurance records for over 150 vendors and creating CAD diagrams for events.
  • Initiated cost savings by negotiating with partnered vendors and researching new vendors.
  • Increased revenue by 39% by negotiating cost-efficient contracts and finding potential vendors.

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Event coordinator

Entry level

Developed valuable skills while working within a team of talented event coordinators to facilitate the seamless organization and execution of over 50 events for clients.

  • Worked directly under the supervision of a seasoned event manager, within a 5-man team of talented event coordinators to develop and implement unique concepts for client’s events.
  • Researched and sourced the best vendors and service providers to ensure value for money.
  • Provided detailed and focused data on specific aspects on the event planning processes to devise the best course of approach securing the best deals and desired final effects.
  • Drafted and delivered detailed progress reports to clients to get their feedback at each step.

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Event coordinator


Negotiated and booked venues, entertainment, hotel rooms, transportation, A/V, F&B, and speakers. Created and staffed booths for all events. Prepared event statistics and material for the speakers.

  • Maintained a portfolio of vendors and clients while serving as main point of contact.
  • Created events according to the budgets and personal tastes of clients, usually exceeding their expectations.
  • Collaborated with the fire department to acquire all required fire protection permits.
  • Communicated with clients, vendors, staff, and city officials to maintain customer loyalty and ensure successful organization of events.

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Event coordinator


Reputable position leveraging practiced relations and event management skills to manage key clients and consistently deliver deluxe events.

  • Coordinated client meetings to organize guest lists and develop innovative concepts for exclusive events.
  • Evaluated progress reports and performance metrics to develop and fine-tune better approaches to achieving defined goals.
  • Liaised with service providers, vendors, clients and team members to coordinate catering, audio and service logistics for special events.
  • Coordinated clients’ budgets and developed cost saving strategies to negotiate and secure the favorable contracts and achieve impeccable results.

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