Electrical engineer

Electrical engineer
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Electrical engineer
Electrical engineer
Resume examples

5Electrical engineer resume examples found

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Electrical engineering resume examples
Experience level

Electrical engineer


Engineered and planned electrical power systems for multiple buildings and facilities projects including hospitals, light rail, laboratories, high-rise offices, educational facilities, and other commercial and institutional projects.

  • Designed specification of power and control systems, system layouts, load calculations, equipment sizing, and selection, performed calculations of lighting systems and associated controls for assigned projects.
  • Supported in prioritizing engineering project team labor to meet multiple moving deadlines and track project budgets.
  • Partnered with code officials, contractors, architects, and stakeholders.
  • Worked with project teams and participated in budgeting and scheduling.

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Electrical engineer

Entry level

Introductory position offering hands-on experience in installing and maintaining electrical systems and equipment.

  • Accompanied senior electrical engineers to inspect all electrical systems within buildings to ensure efficient and proper functioning.
  • Contributed to the seamless execution of team projects by efficiently performing delegate tasks and responsibilities.
  • Continuously researched and updated knowledge on latest technology in electrical engineering systems and products.
  • Monitored, maintained and updated office inventories to streamline the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment.

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Electrical engineer


Demanding position requiring comprehensive oversight of construction and industrial electrical installation projects.

  • Oversaw all project phases from designing to implementing and managing electrical systems.
  • Executed comprehensive diagnostic evaluations on complex electrical systems to identify and eliminate electrical issues.
  • Led the development of innovative electrical systems for private and corporate clients, ensuring to deliver projects within time and budget constraints without compromising quality.
  • Optimized overall team efficiency and productivity by recruiting and training employees in electrical engineering principles and service standards.

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Electrical engineer


Complex, multifaceted role requiring critical thinking and collaborative skills to facilitate construction and industrial electrical installation projects.

  • Developed and executed work plans for complex electrical installations in various locations.
  • Analyzed and interpreted complex blueprints to develop installation plans for electrical components unique every building project.
  • Provided one-on-one consultations with clients to evaluate their needs and provide recommendations on electrical systems best suited to meet their vision.
  • Researched and examined innovative prototypes to ensure compatibility with client specifications.

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Electrical engineer


Designed and built hardware of power electronics converters for use in automotive and energy storage applications.

  • Accountable for end-to-end ownership of hardware from specification to design, prototype, reliability validation, and high-volume manufacturing.
  • Collaborated with mechanical, PCB layout, and firmware engineering teams to design, validate and manufacture power converters.
  • Architected and modeled new power converter topologies that achieve better performance.

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