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Streamlined all accounting operations while introducing internal controls and spearheading powerful financial initiatives. Achieved the highest value for properties through building renovations and upgrading 150 units.

  • Reviewed project estimates, controlled budgets, and maintained bonding/insurance. Hired, supervised, and coached 15+ accounting and project management professionals.
  • Maximized project profitability while expertly managing budgets from initial property acquisition to final sale.
  • Improved gross profit margin from $2 million to $26 million as revenues increased from $15 million to $48 million.
  • Garnered net project return of 44% after completing project 17% under budget.

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Oversaw all aspects of accounting for organizational and departmental budget including cash flow planning, sales quota, profit margins, forecasting monthly financial reporting, and variance analysis. Advised executive team, senior management, and sales leadership on financial planning, investments, budgets, cash flow, sales forecasting, and process improvements for the entire organization. Ensured all efforts are appropriately integrated with all other departmental processes across the organization.

  • Collaborated with business operations team for proposals, pricing analysis, and strategy development for all significant accounts.
  • Supervised the preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements and facilitated quarterly presentations to the board, including budget and forecasting presentations.
  • Assisted Business operation team to update Inter Work Order (IWO), sales, and cash forecast in COGNOS.

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Accounting assistant

Accounting assistant


Engaging role requiring analytical and critical thinking skills to accurate execution of duties.

  • Maintained relations with clients to build rapport and effectively investigate and resolve discrepancies.
  • Processed invoices and made accurate journal entries resulting in a swift reduction in discrepancies.
  • Liaised with supervisors to develop optimized work schedules with a focus on proper task delegations resulting in optimized productivity and proficiency.
  • Reviewed all entries and figures to ensure accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.

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Accounting clerk


Owing to demonstrated wit and leadership skills to facilitate cross-function/departmental collaborations, got promoted and consistently entrusted with more challenging responsibilities.

  • Liaised with other departments and offshore teams to draft and deliver comprehensive financial reports, analysis and forecasts that facilitate the development of strategic initiatives.
  • Successfully reduced overhead spending by working closely with executives to evaluate operations, identify deficiencies and devise cost-saving initiatives.
  • Renovated accounting department’s work processes to optimize efficiency.
  • Worked closely with all levels of organization to streamline finances and owned all monthly, quarterly and annually financial closing processes and forecasting rounds.

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Performed Account Payable, Account Receivable, billing and collections, invoices, financial analysis, monthly forecasting, and variance analysis. Significantly improved collection of overdue accounts. Oversaw bi-weekly payroll processing for 164 employees using ADP workforce.  Accurately and timely processed overtime payments, true-up, bonuses, voluntary and involuntary payroll, deductions, manual checks, and terminations. Followed all regulations concerning payroll, employee relations, and tax practices.

  • Oversaw shipping activities and tracked all purchases, confirms the accuracy of deliveries, approves payment, and audits records to ensure compliance with established guidelines.
  • Utilized QuickBooks to calculate and process payroll and taxes.
  • Validated and prepared pay calculations according to pay rates and hours.
  • Responded to all requests for employment income verification&, garnishments, liens, or levies. 
  • Updated ADP payroll tax system maintains all payroll-related records, and generated reports.
  • Performed year-end reporting for W-2’s, 1099, and benefit statements; processed unemployment and 401K.
  • Effectively Communicated with employees and vendors to research, analyze, and resolve issues and complaints.

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Multifaceted role encompassing oversight of the finance team, budgets and cash flows management, evaluating and streamlining accounting processes and overall financial and risk analysis.

  • Analyzed and maintained an efficient system of accounting records and a comprehensive set of controls to mitigate risk.
  • Identified opportunities that positively impacted financial performance by executing in-depth analysis to interpret financial and business data.
  • Liaised with management to implement budgeting and forecasting processes and ensure adherence to budgets.
  • Completed ad-hoc financial projects as requested.

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All job titles Accountant Accounting assistant Accounting clerk Accounts payable specialist Accounts receivable specialist Assistant controller Auditor Bookkeeper Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Controller Cost accountant Payroll specialist Staff accountant Tax accountant Tax preparer

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Senior finance and accounting executive offering 20+ years of expertise in establishing and leading all aspects of accounting and finance operations of multinationals. Serves as a solid foundation and knowledgeable advisor throughout the financial decision-making process. Effectively analyzes financial data, recommends tools, systems, and accounting measures that drive profitable performance, limits costs, and significantly improves overall profit margins and cash flow. Excellent cross-functional management skills including working across multiple departments.

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Accounting assistant

Highly organized professional offering proven skills in data processing and documentation management. Adept at working collaboratively within a fast-paced and detail-oriented environment to facilitate workflow and drive defined goals.

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Diligent, efficient, and self-motivated bookkeeper with 10 years of relevant experience driving accounting operations, report documentation, and business-to-business (B2B) communications for enterprise company. Analytical and efficient data analyst with business acumen, research skills, and ability to meet payment processing deadlines and report accuracy goals. Responsible finance manager with history of balancing payroll budgets, communicating with customers, and streamlining documentation operations.

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Solutions-focused and forward-thinking Finance and Accounting Executive with a 20-year career, demonstrating visionary leadership and outstanding performance in business expansion and financial management across the USA. Successfully capitalizes growth opportunities, improves bottom-line performance, and optimizes organizational efficiency and productivity. Comprehensive knowledge of various accounting functions, audits, taxing authorities, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

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Objective examples


Detail-oriented and efficient recent accounting graduate, seeking an entry level accounting role at Star Inc. to contribute practiced analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills to the attainment of company objectives.

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Accounting assistant

Analytical and creative accounting assistant, recognized for innovative approaches to solving complex problems. Adept at driving workflows and providing strategic support by leveraging practiced communication, data processing and analytical skills. Seeking to leverage organizational and analytical skills to drive corporate goals at a fast-paced organization.

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Proficient and detailed bookkeeper with relevant office administration experience. Organized and efficient personal assistant looking to apply accounting experience and critical thinking skills towards supporting cost saving initiatives for company with growth opportunities.

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Proactive and precise financial controller, adept at fully evaluating large financial and business data to develop accurate forecasts and calculated strategies that scale businesses and drive defined corporate growth. Seeking a challenging position that requires precision and facilitates further career growth.

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