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Bookkeeper resume examples
Experience level



Saved company $1M in overpayment fees and by streamlining documentation operations and identifying substantial lost revenue to be recovered. Leveraged cross-departmental collaboration to strategize and complete process improvement initiative.

  • Worked with accounts payable, accounts receivable, and accounting departments to research expense reports.
  • Discovered and highlighted correlated errors.
  • Reached out to vendors associated with problematic entries and negotiated recovery of funds.
  • Developed and implemented streamlined operational best practices.

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Oversaw accounting tasks including billing, AR, AP, GL maintenance, accruals, financial statement preparation. Provided office management and administrative support to the Vice President. Managed travel arrangements, prepared documentation, and planned events and OSHA meetings. Prepared financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends.

  • Coordinated tax returns with CPA; performed payroll and human resources duties.
  • Developed strategies and policies to reduce costs and improve internal operational controls.
  • Tracked and ordered inventory, managed PBX operator duties, processed license renewals.
  • Troubleshoot computer hardware problems, managed helpdesk inquiries, and software installation.
  • Maintained budgets and cash flow projections, managed and reconciled cash, banking, credit cards, line of credit, and loans.
  • Prepared and delivered monthly, quarterly, and annual Profit and Loss statements and balance sheets.
  • Established and maintained effective relationships with employees, clients, and vendors.

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Entry level

Performed all accounting activities, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliations, and payroll. Took over financial accounts and immediately caught up with the previous year’s deliverables made cash flow positive, established budget, and reconciled expenses.

  • Managed invoice processing, purchase orders, expense reports, credit memos, and payment transactions.
  • Calculated and processed payroll bi-weekly; reviewed HR payroll changes, benefit deductions, tax withholding, and pay rates by pay period.
  • Reconciled tax issues; prepared responses to notices regarding tax issues with federal, state, and local agencies.
  • Assisted management with ensuring profitable operations were fulfilled and took initiative to resolve daily issues.

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Performed Account Payable, Account Receivable, billing and collections, invoices, financial analysis, monthly forecasting, and variance analysis. Significantly improved collection of overdue accounts. Oversaw bi-weekly payroll processing for 164 employees using ADP workforce.  Accurately and timely processed overtime payments, true-up, bonuses, voluntary and involuntary payroll, deductions, manual checks, and terminations. Followed all regulations concerning payroll, employee relations, and tax practices.

  • Oversaw shipping activities and tracked all purchases, confirms the accuracy of deliveries, approves payment, and audits records to ensure compliance with established guidelines.
  • Utilized QuickBooks to calculate and process payroll and taxes.
  • Validated and prepared pay calculations according to pay rates and hours.
  • Responded to all requests for employment income verification&, garnishments, liens, or levies. 
  • Updated ADP payroll tax system maintains all payroll-related records, and generated reports.
  • Performed year-end reporting for W-2’s, 1099, and benefit statements; processed unemployment and 401K.
  • Effectively Communicated with employees and vendors to research, analyze, and resolve issues and complaints.

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Entry level

Directed a variety of office administration and documentation tasks while handling customer communications. Leveraged multi-tasking skills to complete projects on time.

  • Maintained inventory management and maintenance upkeep tasks.
  • Filed payment invoices, expense reports, vendor payment requests, and billing documents while monitoring and handling cash flow.
  • Ensured timely payments and conducted routine outreach communications to handle customer account discrepancies.
  • Tracked expenses and compiled daily, weekly, and monthly reports to influence business strategic planning tasks.
  • Delivered reports and presentations to supervisor and executive leadership.

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