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Cost accountant
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Cost accountant
Cost accountant
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Cost accountant

Entry level

Performed financial analysis for a food and drink corporation, while planning, preparing, and coordinating budgets with management. Earned International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) accreditation.

  • Managed product costs and monitored pricing trends.
  • Oversaw timeliness and accuracy of period end closings.
  • Developed forecasts and predictions for product supply and demand.
  • Conducted internal audits to assess audit readiness.
  • Collaborated with compliance networks to prepare reports of best practices.
  • Developed new product costing in accordance with costing standards.
  • Validated and reviewed proposed savings.
  • Tracked compliance on open audit follow ups.
  • Collected, analyzed, and recorded data and tracked forthcoming results.

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Cost accountant


Supplied management of an auto manufacturing organization with accurate and timely financial info after assessing and thoroughly analyzing financial data.

  • Outlined and discussed actions to identify and correct inefficient operations practices.
  • Successfully lowered costs of production by establishing methods to cut shipping costs, use renewable energy sources, and optimize workforce efficiency.
  • Actively contributed to improvement projects and initiatives.
  • Collaborated with affiliates to roll out periodic peer audits and focus on corporate audit trend results.
  • Prepared reports that specified factors affecting prices and profitability and compared standard costs to actual production costs.
  • Followed the procedures outlined in the General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) when preparing financial statements.

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Cost accountant


Performed monthly Earned Value Metric tasks including cost risk analysis and assessment, visibility reports, Work Breakdown Structure development, budgeting, and forecasting. Prepared operating monthly Business Unit Review financial charts to board utilizing, MPM, SAP, COGNOS, MS Excel/PowerPoint.

  • Collaborated with Business Operations and Control Account Managers (CAM) to prepare program budgets, Estimate To Complete/ Estimate At Completion (ETC/ EAC), and variance analysis.
  • Utilized Microframe Project Manager (MPM) and Cognos database for incentive and general compensation, budgeting, financial reporting (AOP), monthly forecasts, and variance analysis for sales and cash flow.
  • Participated in forecast review team meetings with Program Management Office before monthly incentive and sales, profit margin to establish accuracy and precision.
  • Supervised team for reviewing forecast tools effectively and accurately; ensured accurate prior ITD/IYD information driving contract/ EAC/ Costs/ Sales/ Margin program.
  • Managed the reconciliation of operating unit AOP/Forecast in new COGNOS tool, including identification of reconciling items, communicating, and coordinating with team members action items, reviewed status, reconciliation requirements, and guided team members in reconciling programs and understanding functionality of COGNOS.

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