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Social work
Social work
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Home health aide

Entry level

Monitored and recorded stay-at-home patient conditions by providing support, personal services, and teaching patients and their families. Supported patients by offering housekeeping services, shopping for food and other household requirements, preparing and serving meals and snacks, and running errands.

  • Assisted patient in bathing, dressing, and grooming.
  • Advised patients by teaching the use of a cane or walker, special techniques, and equipment for personal hygiene.
  • Helped family members care for the patient by teaching appropriate ways to lift, turn, and re-position the patient.
  • Educated patients on nutrition, cleanliness, and housekeeping.
  • Recorded patient information by making entries in the patient journal and notifying the nursing supervisor of changing or unusual conditions.
  • Maintained a safe, secure, and healthy patient environment by following asepsis standards and procedures, maintaining security precautions, and following prescribed dietary requirements and nutrition standards.
  • Protected the home care agency by adhering to professional standards, home care policies and procedures, federal, state, and local requirements.
  • Enhanced service reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests and exploring opportunities to add value.

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Entry level

Delivered safe and caring childcare in a daycare setting (average of 46 total children per day), supporting ages three months to 6 years and collaborating with 2 other team members.

  • Provided collaborative and friendly partnerships through excellent communication.
  • Resolved conflicts with parents to build trusted and lasting relationships with the families and their children.
  • Organized group schedules for assigned children to ensure safety, educational stimulation, and physical activity.
  • Kept records of children's behavior and progress.
  • Communicated verbally and in writing any concerns or issues to parents.
  • Took care of children's meals as per nutrition requirement.

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Entry level

Applied therapeutic communication methods with five patients every day to establish rapport and facilitate informal conversations. Cultivated knowledge about mental health best practices by attending professional workshops and conferences regularly.

  • Aided senior psychologists in conducting neuropsychological evaluations on children and adolescents through diagnostic assessments and personality tests. Redirected each patient to local mental health providers based on test outcomes.
  • Gathered patients for weekly group sessions where they were assisted in developing fresh coping mechanisms for life stressors and problems associated with their conditions.
  • Referred patients to psychiatrists and other specialized physicians as needed, and counseled family members on how to deal with their loved one's mental challenges.
  • Managed a caseload of 20-25 psychotherapy patients, developing goal-oriented educational activities and improving clients' level of functioning.
  • Provided individual consultations discussing patients' mental disorders through tests, observation, surveys, and interviews.

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Entry level

Helped patients by evaluating medical and psychosocial conditions, developed and implemented treatment plans, and prescribed psychotropic medications. Monitored and evaluated treatment results by interviewing patients, family members, and others in close contact with the patients.

  • Developed medical treatment plans by determining the nature and extent of behavioral, cognitive, developmental, emotional, and social disorders.
  • Defined goals with patients and provided instructions for prescribed medications while consistently monitoring their effects.
  • Maintained interdisciplinary treatment plans by reviewing progress and collaborating with primary care physicians.
  • Assured safe and high-quality service for patients by upholding policies, procedures, standards, and regulations.
  • Maintained medical treatment records by documenting symptoms, medications, progress, and events.

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Social worker

Social worker

Entry level

Advocated with the parental figure, different specialist organizations, doctors, and purchasers to guarantee administrations are ceaseless and documented correspondence utilizing PC-based applications.

  • Helped families to use local area assets to address their necessities.
  • Conducted home visits connected with client needs.
  • Counseled clients and their families to work with accomplishing administration plan objectives.
  • Performed requirements and exhaustive appraisals.
  • Created successful care and treatment plans for two clients.
  • Developed methodology for introducing new nurturing schooling.
  • Provided mediation, and strong advising on a case-to-case basis.
  • Managed and filed all the records of clients in a proper filing system.

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Social worker

Entry level

Assisted the senior social worker in conducting in-home case management for seriously-ill clients, assessing their condition, and partnering with recommended healthcare professionals in providing the best possible care. 

  • Assisted families in coming to terms with the conditions of their loved ones through therapeutic counseling and emotional support.
  • Ensured patients’ well-being by educating families and caregivers about medical/palliative care, and routinely following up to ensure compliance.
  • Lauded for effectively handling conflicting caseloads of up to 20 patients per day, by implementing strategic case management initiatives.

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Case manager

Case worker

Entry level

Worked for a nonprofit organization to assist individuals in difficult circumstances. Liaised with government organizations to determine resources needed to give individuals assistance.

  • Met with clients, including families and children, to understand their circumstances.
  • Recorded, filed, and archived progress reports on clients.
  • Conducted meetings with charitable organizations and programs to provide resources to clients.
  • Enlisted in the proper services and care for clients.
  • Provided counseling services to children of clients.
  • Scheduled follow-ups with clients to track progress and assess any additional needs.
  • Referred clients to social workers, psychologists, and therapists.

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Case manager

Entry level

Accomplished references to subject matter expert and wellbeing homes facilitator to help a client with petitioning for advantages and assisted the client with getting ready for autonomous residing.

  • Maintained customer papers as per city and state organization rules.
  • Organized and supervised the administrative procedures to care for people.
  • Attained appropriate event data and history from the customer.
  • Examined, audited & set up the information for the uprightness of the case.
  • Established and focused on work process to keep a base degree of cases.
  • Ensured client interaction without missing significant timetables of case activities.
  • Cooperated with other welfare-related offices and associations in local area exercises.

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Objectives and summaries

Summary examples


Experienced caregiver bringing three years of dedicated patient care for in-home and resident facility environments. Focuses on serving adult and geriatric patient populations to assist in emotional and physical needs with empathy and a culturally sensitive mindset. A trustworthy professional with a caring attitude centered on treating all patients with dignity and respect.

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Results-driven psychology graduate with a deep interest in researching and analyzing patient behavior to provide an accurate diagnosis. Possessing good leadership and interpersonal abilities and able to solve complex problems alone as well as within a team with a very professional demeanor. Talent for observing emotional disorders and brainstorming effective treatment plans to help clients achieve their goals over the short and long term.

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Social worker

Dedicated and caring social worker who offers exceptional assistance and high performance; shares a strong bond with clients and associates. Focuses on crafting treatment, rehabilitation, and behavior improvement plans for troubled youngsters by taking their parents and guardians in confidence. Leverages excellent communication, organizational and interpersonal skill sets to maintain good relations with clients.

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Case manager

Compassionate, organized, and client-focused case manager with 5+ years’ case management experience. Caring and supportive professional with excellent interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and empathy when working directly with patients. Dutiful and reliable supporter able to advocate for patient care, liaise with healthcare workers and institutions, and devise and implement specifically tailored care plans.

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Objective examples


Kind-hearted healthcare professional committed to providing quality caregiving services by establishing trust with clients and their families through delivering warmth, independence, and a relaxed environment. I am eager to make changes in people’s lives as a Caregiver through my dedicated and compassionate nature at XYZ Home Care.

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Passionate professional with well-rounded knowledge about the emotional, cognitive, and social processes of human behavior. Possesses strong relationship-building skills and able to delve into patients’ struggles with respect and professionalism. Eager to collaborate with expert providers to ensure complete client support and excellent care.

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Social worker

Seeking a social worker position within an established humanitarian organization to uplift the lives of disadvantaged populations through relief and empowerment programs.

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Case manager

An energetic and driven case manager with managerial, organizational, and human relations skills seeks a position to deliver guidance and supportive counseling with accuracy and efficacy in a challenging environment to boost my learning potential and professional development.

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