Case worker

Case worker
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Case worker
Case worker
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Case manager resume examples
Experience level

Case worker


Met clients regularly to discuss, evaluate and resolve their crises and maintained necessary case logs with accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Planned and coordinated essential activities with clients to ensure customer service.
  • Attended court hearings and assisted in double-checking case files.
  • Organized and scheduled appointments with health care and career counselling professionals on behalf of clients.
  • Undertook the task of financial assistance applications for the determination of eligibility in the program.
  • Obtained clients’ information and confirmed their records for smooth processing of applications.
  • Effectively handled confidential matters, including family & couple mediations, professionally and ethically.

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Case worker

Entry level

Worked for a nonprofit organization to assist individuals in difficult circumstances. Liaised with government organizations to determine resources needed to give individuals assistance.

  • Met with clients, including families and children, to understand their circumstances.
  • Recorded, filed, and archived progress reports on clients.
  • Conducted meetings with charitable organizations and programs to provide resources to clients.
  • Enlisted in the proper services and care for clients.
  • Provided counseling services to children of clients.
  • Scheduled follow-ups with clients to track progress and assess any additional needs.
  • Referred clients to social workers, psychologists, and therapists.

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Case worker


Provided support and resources for families, children, and individuals. Worked in tandem with social services to offer educational and financial assistance to families in need.

  • Met with and interviewed clients to assess the severity of their circumstances.
  • Liaised with charitable and government organizations to acquire resources for assisting clients.
  • Documented case histories with families to determine best methods to help individuals in need.
  • Kept updates on clients to track progress.
  • Helped clients obtain benefits such as healthcare and financial aid.
  • Mediated in situations involving conflict with clients and third parties.
  • Referred clients to agencies that offered appropriate assistance.

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