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Experience level



Operated advanced multi-engine military airplane on tactical and non-tactical assigned missions using precision instrument flight techniques. Completed several military missions serving as Supervisor of Flying (SOF) representing Air Commander.

  • Prepared for flight including securing current and forecast weather information to determine conditions along the proposed route of flight and at the destination.
  • Determined routing, intermediate stops, alternate destination, fuel requirements, estimated flying time while filing the airplane flight plan through the study of maps and charts.
  • Ensured passengers and crew members are briefed on the nature and purpose of the flight and the procedures to be followed in an emergency.
  • Effectively communicates with ground units monitoring the performance of the airplane and progress of the flight.

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Piloted flights with a combined total of 2K hours including 300 nighttime hours. Cultivated collaborative environment with co-pilots, flight staff, and flight control representatives to ensure maximum safety and efficiency for every flight.

  • Conducted thorough preflight checks on all equipment and navigation controls.
  • Maintained communications with air traffic controllers to ensure up-to-date awareness of any delays or complications.
  • Coordinated with flight staff on a daily basis.
  • Greeted and interacted with flight guests before, during, and after every flight to provide exceptional customer service.

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Maintained 95% on-time success rate for all flights managed over 3-year timeframe. Utilized cross-functional communications and critical thinking skills.

  • Drafted and revised flight schedules based on path designations, route adjustments, weather, and other variable factors.
  • Collaborated with air traffic controllers and airport leaders to plan for and adjust to delays or changes in a timely fashion.
  • Worked closely with flight staff and co-pilots to ensure streamlined onboarding, mid-flight, and unloading procedures during each flight.

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