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Experience level


Entry level

Delivered a variety of landscaping tasks at the hospitals and medical centers such as planting, weeding, digging, spreading topsoil and materials, general lawn maintenance, and seasonal lawn preparation under the supervision of the Landscaping Supervisor. Operated lawnmowers and other landscaping equipment assisting Facilities Maintenance staff on assigned projects.

  • Performed routine lawn maintenance duties including grass cutting, lawn edging, and weed pulling.
  • Provided seasonal lawn care, such as spring and fall clean-up.
  • Utilized picks and shovels to dig holes and trenches and excavated for landscaping and hardscaping.
  • Graded and applied seed, straw/ sod using hand tools.
  • Maintained assigned equipment and informed Landscaping Supervisor about required repairs.
  • Promptly answered customer inquiries and completed projects in a professional manner.
  • Loaded equipment and materials on and off trucks and trailers.
  • Performed snow removal duties during winter such as shoveling, and salting.

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Entry level

Apprenticed with a landscaper company while seeking certifications to perform year-round maintenance duties at government, commercial, and public facilities. Mowed lawns and trimmed hedges, shrubs, and trees, maintained water structures, disposed of waste, and reloaded equipment onto vehicles and storage sheds.

  • Learned to maintain relationships with garden supply companies and plant nurseries to ensure materials were delivered on time.
  • Checked and verified delivery items and immediately reported inconsistencies or errors to the project manager.
  • Planted and grew vegetation as directed and informed the supervisor of any issues with soil quality or obstructions.
  • Fertilized and watered plants, shrubs, and trees to ensure their health and strength throughout the year.
  • Checked water filters and pumps to ensure adequate water levels and quality, and cared for water life (e.g., water plants and fish).

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