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Objectives and summaries
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A well-written objective or summary on your resume can be the difference between getting rejected, or getting invited for an interview. Copy any of these Fashion objective or summary examples, and use it as inspiration for your own resume. All examples are written by certified resume experts, and free for personal use.

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Fashion designer

Summary examples

A gifted and detail-oriented fashion designer having exceptional skills in designing and implementing fashion products for clothing & apparel brands. Hands-on expertise with Adobe Creative Suite to develop unique & fashionable designs of various histories and customs. Focuses on delivering the products fulfilling the client's requirements and possesses strong ability to work in a team setting with excellent communication and leadership skills.

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Ambitious and detail-oriented professional with 11 years of experience in the fashion industry. Dedicated to building and improving on fashion brands and engaging with consumers on their preferences in how they incorporate fashion into their everyday lives. Focused on recreating classic styles with a touch of individuality.

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Skilled and customer-focused fashion designer with a keen sense of advertising trends, product styling details, and 8 + years of experience collaborating with a premium brand. Focuses on designing & developing unique and eye-catching fashion products, including formal & casual wear, fancy dresses, apparel, shoes, and jewelry. Hands-on expertise in InDesign with exceptional ability to ace teamwork environment with excellent communication & leadership skills.

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Objective examples

Talented fashion and textile designer recognized for skillfully blending the artistic and technical aspects of designing to create captivating designs that inspire new ideas and creative concepts. Looking to secure a position at a reputable fashion brand to contribute towards the collective goal of creating enchanting clothing.

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Innovative fashion designer strives to find a suitable position in the fashion industry to put my best talent, styling practices, design abilities, and expertise to produce the best fashion product for magazines, fashion shows, wedding events, and catalogs.

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Trendsetting and customer-focused designer with a knack for developing exquisite designs that match the aesthetics of luxury brands. Looking to add value to a reputable fashion brand facilitate the attainment of defined creative goals.

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Summary examples

Personable and adaptive model, recently signed model with passion for the fashion and beauty industry which has prompted the fast development of skills to succeed within the industry. Offering practiced posing and cat walking skills honed over months of consistent practice and collaborations with photographers and other industry professionals.

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Seasoned fashion and runway model, offering over 6 years walking experience. Notably walked with poise in headlining fashions shows in New York, Paris and Milan. Successfully established and nurture positive working relationships with industry professionals and colleagues to promote a seamless work environment.

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Unique editorial model and beauty influencer, with over 6 years in the public eye. Featured in fashion magazines like vogue and metro for collaborations with notable cosmetic brands. Successfully established an extensive network of industry professionals and colleagues to promote a seamless work environment and keep abreast of new trends.

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Objective examples

Attractive and passionate model with a year of experience in fashion and runway modeling. Seeking a new role with ABC Fashions to gain new skills for a successful modeling career.

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Photogenic Fashion Model seeking new roles within reputable fashion brands to utilize skills in runway modeling to promote brand sales and loyalty.

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Personable fashion enthusiast and recognized fashion model, offering over 6 years’ experience modelling for a number of notable brands in print advertisement and on runways. Looking to add value for Elite Model’s clients.

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Fashion stylist

Summary examples

Enthusiastic and creative fashion stylist with a talent for creatively combining exquisite pieces to develop impeccable looks to suit any occasion. Adept at coordinating with industry professionals like models, photographers and designers to effectively accentuate outfits.

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Personable and creative fashion stylist with a proven track record of coordinating exquisite looks for any occasion. Recognized for skills in easily assessing clients’ preferences and body types to select pieces that fully accentuates client’s unique traits.

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Objective examples

Customer focused and enthusiastic stylist with an extensive network of industry professionals to promptly source and secure exquisite pieces for clients. Looking to secure a position within a structured luxury brand that allows for the opportunity to bring value to clients to help them attain their fashion goals.

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Creative and personable fashion stylists adept at leveraging extensive industry networks to source and secure impeccable designs for clients. Looking to secure a position at a reputable fashion house that provides the opportunity to attend to a much larger clientele to deliver value to them.

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