System administrator

System administrator
Objectives and summaries

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System administrator
System administrator
Objectives and summaries
Resume Examples Objectives and summaries Templates

30System administrator objectives and summaries found

A well-written objective or summary on your resume can be the difference between getting rejected, or getting invited for an interview. Copy any of these System administrator objective or summary examples, and use it as inspiration for your own resume. All examples are written by certified resume experts, and free for personal use.

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System administrator

Summary examples

Creative and dedicated System Administrator with 5 years of experience in delivering innovative and effective solutions across defense, space, civilian, and intelligence markets. Hands-on expertise in monitoring network devices, services, and servers. Demonstrated experience with Cisco and Juniper networking equipment focused on maintenance and upgrades. Creates and maintains detailed network documentation by participating in group collaboration and project planning, and effectively communicating issues and resolutions to all levels within the organization.

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Offering 15+ years of successful experience spanning IT infrastructure, communication and network management, system operations, service management, and disaster recovery. Combines technical expertise with strong business acumen and operational understanding. Expertise in managing large-scale IT projects, networks, and infrastructures - from initial planning and development to implementation and enhancements. Proven leader adept at building and motivating diverse technical teams to achieve outstanding results while completing projects on time and within budget.

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Result-driven System Administrator with 10 years of experience in leveraging strategy and security implementation to world-class companies. A sophisticated understanding of the research, analysis, design, maintenance, and implementation of complex computer network security/protection technologies for company information and network system applications. Strong working knowledge in PCI, PCII, and SOX Compliance.

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Objective examples

Self-motivated professional with 8 years of experience in supporting critical internal infrastructure and applications focusing on firewalls, including network configuration, security policies, and firmware/software updates. Expertise in analysis, design, testing, troubleshooting of complex network systems and applications. Looking for a Senior System Administrator role in a dynamic team.

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Self-motivated and intuitive IT professional and system administrator looking to leverage computer science skills and experience troubleshooting live issues in Windows and macOS operating systems (OS) to pursue greater system maintenance and user training opportunities. Flexible and fast learner eager to expand programming and system management competencies.

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Goal-oriented and professional system administrator looking to leverage 5+ years’ experience troubleshooting user issues and optimizing operating system (OS) applications towards greater sysadmin opportunities. Looking for an established and innovative company and a role with long-term growth opportunities.

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Network engineer

Summary examples

Detail-oriented, analytical, and customer-oriented network engineer with 5 years’ IT management experience. Organized and inventive collaborator with excellent communication skills and proven track record recommending and facilitating hardware, software, and system design improvements to streamline efficiencies. Knowledgeable and supportive subject matter expert (SME) with solid work ethic and comfortable working independently or collaboratively to complete onsite and remote installations.

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Detail-oriented and organized junior network engineer with hardware installation experience and in-depth knowledge of applicable network designs. Proactive and innovative team player with proven track record collaborating on switch installation, firewall configuration, and IT security initiatives to support company goals. Efficient and adaptable professional with strong programming skills.

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Self-motivated, proactive, and innovative network engineer with 8 years of engineering and project management experience. Proficient and detail-oriented IT professional with skills in handling routers, switches, firewall applications, and cloud computing tasks. Supportive trainer and mentor with excellent interpersonal skills and passion for cultivating proficiency within colleagues and fellow employees while interacting with network products and protocols.

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Objective examples

Organized, professional, and hands-on network engineer looking to leverage system architecture and network management skills towards supporting large-scale growth and optimization initiatives. Flexible researcher and fast learner eager to pursue advanced software development and implementation efforts for an established business.

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Reliable and transformative network engineer leveraging 5 years’ IT security operations management experience and skills in process improvement to obtain an IT role with greater responsibility and opportunities for growth. Talented and collaborative programmer eager to network with veteran network engineers.

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Hands-on and collaborative network engineer with 6 years’ experience and desire to apply network design and cloud computing skills to deliver optimized solutions in the IT industry. Knowledgeable subject matter expert (SME) looking for an opportunity to grow as an engineer alongside a valuable team.

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Network administrator

Summary examples

Highly motivated, goal- and detail-oriented Network Administrator with 2+ years of experience, possessing organizational and time-management skills. Extensive practical experience in the fintech industry with expertise in various operating systems, network applications, and client management. Recognized by peers as a production team member with integrity and having a high level of commitment to identify challenges and find solutions.

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Results-driven and self-motivated IT professional with extensive experience as a Network Administrator supporting thousands of users in the medical, education, and financial industries. Recognized for outstanding support services, process development, and project management. Able to multitask and manage numerous projects at once to ensure compliance with client expectations and industry standards. Exceptional collaboration skills in team environments.

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Diversified and progressive Senior Network Administrator with 15+ years of experience focusing on data management and technical support for national organizations in finance. Acknowledged for being a well-organized, efficient professional with a strong work ethic and leadership abilities. Proven capabilities to meet deadlines, set and achieve goals, and accomplish results that lead to bottom-line results for the company.

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Objective examples

Highly motivated Network Administrator with 6+ years’ professional experience and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Seeking a position to apply a successful track record of configuring, managing, maintaining, and troubleshooting large-scale computer networks for major corporations.

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Enthusiastic professional seeking to leverage over 5 years of experience as a Network Administrator installing and managing computer networks. Brings creativity, resourcefulness, and results-driven mentality to contribute to talented teams and establish rapport with management, colleagues, and clients.

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System analyst

Summary examples

Business-focused and technology-driven Senior System Analyst offering 15 years of experience in transforming technology to position growing firms for dramatic results. Designs business-focused IT strategies to maximize today's opportunities while preparing for the future. Expertise in IT governance, project management, case management, and asset management systems. Successful in delivering high-quality, dependable BI solutions that enhance customer satisfaction, accelerate growth and ROI.

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Highly successful IT System Analyst with five years of progressive experience in the financial security sector with proven abilities in installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting network systems for large organizations. Experienced in Project Life Cycle Management, System Mitigations, Project Scheduling, Quality Assurance, Budget Planning, and Team Leadership. Exceptional communication and people skills, recognized for moral character, multitasking, prioritization, and work ethic.

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Two years of increasing responsibility and success leading diverse projects as an IT System Analyst. Analyzes a company’s needs to determine technical needs and translate them into system specifications to improve productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. Handles all areas of business applications including design, development, and implementation. Skilled in C#, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, .NET, PHP, Java, and Shell Scripting.

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Objective examples

Highly skilled and dedicated System Analyst bringing 5 years of professional experience seeking a job opportunity that offers growth opportunities to apply leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills combined with in-depth knowledge of analyzing and testing various business systems.

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IT System Analyst with a proven history of providing exceptional service to organizations requiring creative thinking and high-quality customer service. Brings 6+ years of professional experience and a master’s degree from MIT, known for building cohesive and productive teams.

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