Fashion stylist

Fashion stylist
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Fashion stylist
Fashion stylist
Resume examples

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Fashion resume examples
Experience level

Fashion stylist


Multifaceted role requiring creativity and prompt decision making skills to quickly assess customer needs and deliver a number of styling options within reasonable timelines.

  • Established and nurtured easy working relationships with talented designers to gain exclusive access to latest pieces.
  • Offered consultations to clients to help them develop their confidence and create their own unique style to accentuate their unique traits.
  • Worked on a number of fashion shoots to coordinate looks and concepts with photographers and models to efficiently showcase the details of clothing items.
  • Worked with hairstylists and makeup artists to develop and implement concepts for looks and styling.

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Fashion stylist

Entry level

Collaborated with other students to style the performers for the school play. Managed wardrobe and mended clothes.

  • Collaborated with other students to combine shoes and accessories to develop a complete look that is in harmony with the aesthetics of the play.
  • Worked with students from the hair styling department to incorporate hair, makeup and clothing styles.
  • Took measurements of students to make proper alterations and adjustments to cloths to ensure they are a perfect fit.
  • Sourced new textiles and embellishments to beautify clothes and ensure they are in harmony with the overall concept of school plays.

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Fashion stylist


Worked on film and news sets, photo shoots, runway shows, and award shows. Long-term clientele includes award winning actors and actresses, news reporters, politicians, and business magnates.

  • Selected and recommended wardrobes for VIPs at red carpet events and galas.
  • Scouted out unique locations for photo shoots for high-end fashion magazines.
  • Purchased props and accessories for actors and models to use during filming and photo shoots.
  • Consulted with producers of public speaking events on wardrobe selections.
  • Advised upcoming fashion brands on specific presentations of clothing accessories and coordination.
  • Collaborated with advertising agencies on fashion templates and concepts for print and commercial advertisements.

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