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Experience level


Entry level

Ensured neat and tidy environment, observed child behavior & performance, booked social exercises with companions, and maintained good communication with parents and child.

  • Changed diapers, washed, and dressed the youngsters.
  • Played with the kids, coordinated games, and read storybooks to the kids.
  • Taught and performed age-suitable exercises.
  • Instructed and helped kids in maintaining good health.
  • Removed risks which are hinder the safety of a child.
  • Fostered proper limits and rules to establish a protected climate for the kid.
  • Created encouraging social communication and a suitable environment for learning.
  • Identified issues with the kid and discussed them with parents/ guardians.

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Responsible for driving the children to and from school, making good suppers, and addressing the requirements of every kid.

  • Kept good correspondence with the guardians during everyday preparation and crisis circumstances.
  • prepared kids for school, as well as getting them from different exercises.
  • Assisted with schoolwork and prepared them for bed.
  • Engaged with kids on a singular premise to fabricate positive associations with them.
  • Identified passionate and formative issues in youngsters.
  • Organized exercises which upgraded kids' physical health.
  • Worked with guardians to create and carry out discipline projects to advance a positive way of behaving.

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Immersive position requiring communication and trust with parents to provide comprehensive care to children from early childhood.

  • Built a strong rapport with parents and trust with children to efficiently work to bolster healthy development and ensure a safe and happy childhood for children.
  • Accompanied children to playdates and supervised activities to ensure safely at all times.
  • Executed housekeeping duties to ensure the upkeep of a clean, safe and nurturing environment for children.
  • Assisted children with academic activities to include special projects and daily assignments.

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Sensitive role requiring the provision of expert and delicate care to a special needs child from early childhood.

  • Worked closely with the child’s parents to define special needs and requirements to ensure the safety and continued health of the child.
  • Built a strong and trusting relationship with the child to develop an understanding of their needs and identify subtle prompts in order to attend to the special needs of the child.
  • Leveraged expertise in child psychology to provide comprehensive care and boost the mental and physical development of the child.
  • Prepared healthy meals, whilst keeping the entire house, especially the play area clean and sanitized to meet the nutritional and health needs of the child.

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Entry level

Immersive position requiring great attention to detail and multitasking skills to provide premium part-time supervision to children in the absence of their parents.

  • Prepared nutritional meals for children, while keeping highlighted preferences and special ingredients to promote healthy development.
  • Worked with parents to outline daily and weekly schedules and design developmental activities to keep children engage, entertained and alert.
  • Took care of the children’s hygienic needs to include washing of hands and thorough baths.
  • Assisted children with their school projects and homework.

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Entry level

Comprehensive role encompassing supervision of all activities involving the care and nurture of children in the family.

  • Provided part-time supervision to 4 children of the Mikaelson family, a girl and 3 boys.
  • Prepared and served nutritional meals in accordance to the preferences and special dietary needs of each child.
  • Organized engaging gaming and educational activities to keep the children entertained and alert, whilst boosting their physical and mental development.
  • Supported the parents by performing simple chores to include errands, grocery shopping, etc.

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Helped in preparation and cooking of snacks for youngsters and met routinely with guardians in talking about kids' exercises and advancement.

  • Instructed kids in a safe way of behaving, like trying not to contact or play with dangerous articles.
  • Molded proper social ways of behaving and empowered worry for others to develop the advancement of relational connections.
  • Organized and led age-fitting exercises, like games and artworks.
  • Observed abnormalities, took temperature, moved kids to the specialist, and controlled prescriptions to keep up with kids' health.
  • Transported kids to schools, social activities, and clinical arrangements.

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Multifaceted role encompassing housekeeping, meal preps and childcare to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of children.

  • Provided nurturing supervision and tutelage to children in the family, aged 2 to 10 years.
  • Coordinated immersive educational and physical exercises/activities to keep children active throughout the year.
  • Supervised activities and observed the children’s conducts to identify bad habits and implement behavior redirection techniques when necessary.
  • Developed and delivered detailed reports on children’s activities, milestones and development to keep parents informed and involved.

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