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Entry level

Received an internal honors award for exemplifying empathy and dedication towards a family by providing resources and mental care.

  • Reduced patient’s risk of hospitalization by integrating community, psychiatric supported treatment service, mental health assessments service, crisis response, behavioral health counseling and therapy services, and social services.

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Case manager


Provided case management services for over 100 clients annually while serving as the direct point of contact for clients who were referred or volunteered for diabetes treatment, management, and support; coordinated assessment planning, implementation, screening, care coordination, and evaluation.

  • Provided case management for 9 high-acuity families including 2 home visits per week. Worked with birth parents, youth, and children dealing with issues including medical illness, emotional, behavioral, and medical problems.
  • Assessed social and emotional factors to help the client and family adhere to medical recommendations and overcome problems in daily living.
  • Initiated referrals and linkages to ancillary services including specialty clinics and consultations to ensure the health care needs of the client are met.
  • Served as the primary liaison between health care professionals and the client to maintain continuity of care.
  • Hired and trained facilitators; led a collaborative environment and championed staff training on all processes and operating models.
  • Recruited and enrolled participants to complete surveys and interviews to assess safety risk; maintained accurate records, safeguarding the confidentiality of subjects. Instituted HIV prevention groups for youth.
  • Conducted home visits and performed needs assessments, care coordination, and wrap-around services for families referred by the Department of Children and Families.
  • Managed all facets of the Youth Development Program including mental health, medical and dental care, community connections, education, and employment services.
  • Prepared treatment plans and facilitated crisis intervention and disaster response/recovery services to diverse populations; supported case management goals and developed and fostered skill-building with individuals and groups.
  • Trained Case Managers on documentation of statistical and uniform case recordings, realistic goals, and treatment plans.

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Medical technologist

Entry level

Performed a full range of laboratory tests while developing and maintaining department quality assurance. Established effective working relationships with patients, medical staff, hospital staff, and the public. Tested specimens and reported critical laboratory results.

  • Analyzed samples and reviewed findings for the integrity and accuracy of collection.
  • Helped Nurses determine correct tests; acted as a resource regarding testing requirements and ordering.
  • Monitored pending work logs and completed quality control documentation.
  • Collaborated with Supervisor regarding procedures, protocols, and challenges; provided valuable input and solutions.
  • Spearheaded a Turnaround Time Study involving process improvement with the Lab and Emergency Department.
  • Regarded as a generalist in hematology, blood bank, coagulation, urinalysis, and serology.

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Home health aide

Entry level

Monitored and recorded stay-at-home patient conditions by providing support, personal services, and teaching patients and their families. Supported patients by offering housekeeping services, shopping for food and other household requirements, preparing and serving meals and snacks, and running errands.

  • Assisted patient in bathing, dressing, and grooming.
  • Advised patients by teaching the use of a cane or walker, special techniques, and equipment for personal hygiene.
  • Helped family members care for the patient by teaching appropriate ways to lift, turn, and re-position the patient.
  • Educated patients on nutrition, cleanliness, and housekeeping.
  • Recorded patient information by making entries in the patient journal and notifying the nursing supervisor of changing or unusual conditions.
  • Maintained a safe, secure, and healthy patient environment by following asepsis standards and procedures, maintaining security precautions, and following prescribed dietary requirements and nutrition standards.
  • Protected the home care agency by adhering to professional standards, home care policies and procedures, federal, state, and local requirements.
  • Enhanced service reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests and exploring opportunities to add value.

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Dietary aide

Entry level

Partnered with registered Dieticians to create meal plans, monitor patient eating habits, and provide information to patients and their families about dietary issues. Delivered meals and food trays to patients at predetermined times. Supervised meal preparation to ensure that the foods offered to meet a patient's nutritional needs.

  • Maintained clean and orderly food stations for buffets and special events.
  • Restocked pantry stock and communicated with management when inventory is low.
  • Helped kitchen manager in creating menus within the budget as per the special diet plan designed for each patient.
  • Collaborated with Dietitians to ensure patients receive foods that are safe to eat while also meeting nutrition guidelines. Reviewing a patient's dietary requirements
  • Monitored patient/ resident eating habits, reported swallowing/ chewing problems to nursing or medical staff promptly.
  • Inspected meal trays to make sure that foods offered are compliant with a patient's diet restrictions.

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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Entry level

Diagnosed patient condition based on medical protocols to provide basic life support including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, administering oxygen, controlling bleeding, applying bandages, application of splints, as well as obtaining vital signs.

  • Responded to instructions from emergency medical dispatcher, drives the specially equipped emergency vehicle to the specified location, and is proficient in mapping and navigational skills.
  • Provided ALS logistical support for paramedic partners with patients requiring higher levels of care.
  • Wrote complete and accurate Epic report documentation for each patient.
  • Delivered medical, traumatic, and therapeutic communication.
  • Assisted paramedic partner with emergency scene management coordinating with other emergency services as well as communicating with patients and their families.

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Provided care to patients by performing various general tasks, including refractive eye exams, prism prescribing, and selection of frames and contact lenses. Maintained patient retention and referrals.

  • Diagnosed eye and vision problems by utilizing A-scans, digital photography for retina, optic nerve, and meibomian glands.
  • Instructed patients and their families regarding pre-op, post-op, and follow-up procedures.
  • Prepared forms, reports, and correspondence with accuracy and speed; maintained HIPAA standards.
  • Trained new technicians with company policies and procedures to achieve their daily goals.
  • Pioneered First Annual Residence Hall Recycling Challenge with over 1000 students.
  • Administered day-to-day program operations with a focus on efficiency, time management, administrative operations, and strategies to improve work methods and systems according to the National Patient Safety Goals.

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Established eyecare boutique and clinic with the primary focus on providing excellent patient service and customer care. Maintained high-level patient retention and referrals. Hired and trained technicians and managed inventory for contact lenses.

  • Provided high-quality vision care for patients at nursing homes and mental health care facilities. Examined patients and conducted diagnostic procedures for retina, optic nerve, glaucoma, and refractive conditions.
  • Administered pre-operative and post-operative care for patients going through surgery or cataract correction procedures.
  • Formulated and implemented a patient-centered recovery plan for surgeries with clear documentation of goals, objectives, strengths, barriers, and interventions.

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