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Fast food
Fast food
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McDonalds crew member


Oversaw accurate preparation and service process for popular fast-casual food chain. Delivered support to all staff members and took on additional responsibility where required to see customers satisfied. Handled issues and escalations with proper communication under stressful circumstances.

  • Dropped customer complaints from 5 to 1 per month by using appropriate de-escalation techniques.
  • Implemented schedule display chart for staff that decreased missed shifts by 50%.
  • Created a system for back-end workers to track low inventory items before they ran out.

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Fast food worker


Oversaw customer service and food preparation for high-volume fast-casual food chain. Led rapid, accurate service delivery as part of small, efficiency-focused teams. Generated ideas to improve processes and customer experience as well as encourage teams to perform to higher standards.

  • Raised overall Google rating from 3.5 to 4.2 stars by soliciting reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Introduced scheduling app to the manager which streamlined staff scheduling and leave requests.
  • Improved vendor deliveries by volunteering to unload trucks, creating less interruption of services.

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Fast food manager


Supervises food service delivery for up to 7 rotating team members. Hired, trains, and schedules new employees on quality standards and customer service provision. Promotes team environment by leading daily and weekly team meetings. Processes HR, operations, and accounts Payable and Receivable (A/P and A/R).

  • Increased individual employee performance ratings by 50% after hosting training and one on one mentoring sessions.
  • Brought down sanitary product costs by locating a local vendor with 20% price reduction.

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Pizza delivery driver


Drives rapid, accurate delivery processes for high-volume restaurant chain. Assists kitchen and prep staff to proactively solve time management issues. Takes customer orders when possible to alleviate strain on other staff members. Communicates with customers to create great service environment.

  • Brought down prep time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes by pre-loading ingredients for common orders.
  • Developed a cross-check system between staff members that ensured order accuracy and eliminated order re-dos.

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Food delivery driver


Delivers end-to-end customer service from order to doorstep delivery. Aids kitchen prep staff and fills in during staff shortages. Offers positive attitude and flexibility to ensure smooth operations and motivate team members.

  • Brought down overall delivery time from 20 to 15 minutes by implementing car inspection system that ensured tanks were full and drivers were prepared to go at all times.
  • Created workflow checklist that improved accuracy of and prep time for orders.

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